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Effective Change Management

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A One-Day Training Course
Course Outline
About the Course
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Course Outline

This course is a one-day training course structured into 11 modules.

Module 1
Course Overview
Module 2
What is Change?
Module 3
The Change Cycle
Topics covered
  • The Three Phases
  • Endings
  • Transitions/Neutral Zone
  • Beginnings
  • Insights
  • 0
    Module 4
    Who Moved My Cheese?
    Topics covered
  • Hem and Haw's Journey of Loss
  • 0
    Module 5
    The Pyramid Response to Change
    Topics covered
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Employees/Workers/Associates
  • 0
    Module 6
    A Four Room Apartment
    Topics covered
  • Contentment - Renewal - Denial - Confusion
  • 0
    Module 7
    Dealing with Resistance
    Topics covered
  • Empathy: The First Key to Successful Change
  • Participation: The Second Key to Successful Change
  • Communication: The Third Key to Successful Change
  • 0
    Module 8
    Strategies for Dealing With Change
    Topics covered
  • How to Change Negative Situations or Avoid Them Altogether
  • 0
    Module 9
    Managing Anger
    Topics covered
  • The Five Dimensions
  • 0
    Module 10
    Managing Stress
    Topics covered
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • 0
    Module 11
    Your Personal Action Plan
    0 0

    About the Course

    Headline details for Effective Change Management.

    Course Aims

    This one-day workshop is designed to enhance delegates' understanding of change, to make them better equipped to analyse the factors at play in their own particular circumstances, and to adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance.

    Target Audience

    Managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, who want to be able to deal effectively with the consequences of, and manage the process of, change.

    Dates and Venues  for our public classes

    We have a simple price model where the earlier you book, the lower the price.
    Our small class sizes mean that classes are often full, so (again) it's usually best to book as soon as you can.

    NOTE : prices are per delegate and exclude VAT.

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    Effective Change Management
    Oct 8, 2015
    Manchester Princess Street
    Oct 21, 2015
    Manchester Princess Street
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    Nov 19, 2015
    Manchester Princess Street
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    Dec 2, 2015
    Manchester Princess Street
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    Scheduled public classes
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    •  Effective Change Management
    First delegate: £299
    2nd delegate: £229
    3rd delegate +: £169 each
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    Training at your offices
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    •  Effective Change Management
    First delegate: £599
    Extra delegates: £50 each
    (Price per day)
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    More Information:
    Effective Change Management

    All Activia training courses have been created, reviewed and developed to ensure they provide up to date and constantly improving standards of content. Our Management Skills training is interactive and classroom-based which maximises learning through the ability to ask questions and discuss specific issues.

    Class sizes

    Maximum class size for courses is 8 delegates, which ensures that attendees get adequate time for personal attention from the instructor. At some of our centres, the maximum class size is 10 delegates.

    Note that we never cancel our scheduled classes -- even if there are only one or two delegates -- so once you have booked, your place is assured.

    Private (closed) classes can be booked at our centres, subject to the same maximum class sizes, if you want to use our facilities for your training.

    For training at your offices, we can deliver classes of up to 12 delegates, though with bigger class sizes you must understand that there is less time for questions from delegates, and this may affect the quality of their experience.

    How to book
    • Decide on the Management Skills course you want, the date(s) you can attend, and the number of delegates involved
    • Also decide whether you want training at your offices or at one of our centres.
    • You can use the Speedy Quote option to get a quick price, and to book online
    • if at any time you want help or advice, or you want to book on the telephone, just call us on 0845 230 6150 to speak to one of our friendly training advisors

    Note: With non-credit card bookings you must sign and return a Booking Form before we can confirm your training.

    Also note: If you are a private individual you must pay by credit card at the time of booking.

    The confirmation process
    • Your place is allocated, along with workbooks (and lunches if it's at our centre)
    • You receive an official confirmation, with joining instructions (and directions if it's at our centre)
    • You receive a VAT invoice

    Note: Please allow 1 - 2 working days for your confirmation and invoice.

    What happens on the day

    If you are coming to our centre, dress code is smart casual.   Refreshments and a free buffet lunch will be provided, but please note that, as a training company who relies on caterers, we are unable to reliably provide for differing dietary requirements, so if you are in any doubt then please bring your own.   The timetable is as follows:

    • 9:15: - Arrival time
    • 9:30: - Training starts
    • 11:00: - Mid-morning break
    • 1:00: - Lunch break (one hour)
    • 3:15: - Mid-afternoon break
    • 4:30: - Wrap up

    Note: break times can vary according to the needs of the training, and course duration for smaller class sizes can be shorter because fewer delegates have fewer questions !

    For training at your offices, this itenerary can be varied by prior arrangement.

    What you get

    With your Management Skills training course from Activia, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge.

    Every delegate on a Effective Change Management course also gets an Activia Training Attendance Certificate.

    Change Management Training Courses from Activia

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    We can provide training for Change Management at any of our ten centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices – if you have groups of staff who need training, this is a particularly convenient, flexible and cost effective option.

    We have been training business all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and cost effective provision of training for Change Management.   This means you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give all you need with training courses in Change Management.

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