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Microsoft Access training

Training courses for Access 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003

Access Training Courses from Activia
From simple data entry to automated VBA applications

You can use Access to build powerful databases with relatively little effort. Microsoft Access is extremely versatile, and applications can range from linking simple data lists to fully functional accounts and invoicing systems.
Are you taking advantage of what Access can offer?

With Activia, delegates can check their skill level which ensures they book on the correct course.   This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

We can also tailor your Microsoft Access training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.

About Microsoft Access

Access is a Relational Database Management System (or RDBMS for short). As you may know, all databases store information -- but Access is a relational system, in that it links together data stored in separate lists, or tables. As an example, one table could contain a list of customers while another might show orders placed. A connection would be made via an account number or ID appearing in both tables, thus enabling Access to recognise and work with the shared relationship.

Our Approach

Microsoft Access is one of the most powerful applications in the Microsoft Office suite, and requirements for Microsoft Access training can be extremely varied.

Activia courses are fully interactive, allowing delegates to engage with the course material. Our fees are competitive too and can be accommodated in to your training budget.

History Of Microsoft Access

Access 2000

Compared to earlier releases of the software, Access 2000 boasted much-improved security features - thanks to an intuitively designed Wizard that allowed users to customise their preferences. It was also possible to protect password data using the Visual Basics for Application feature. An added advantage of this version was that it could easily be converted in to an Access 1997 format.

Access 2003

The linked report and form control features updated automatically in this version. The 2003 release was also accessible to inexperienced users, providing them with a choice of 25 apps and 10 templates. Access 2003 also worked with a range of data sources, including ODBC and XML. From a visual perspective it was appealing too - providing an aesthetically pleasing front end that was easy to navigate.

Access 2007

The toolbar was removed in Access 2007 and was replaced with the ribbon. This feature grouped related functions in to tabs along the top of the screen, making it easier for users to access them. The 2007 release also ushered in the era of the Microsoft Button, which centralised core functions, ultimately making them more accessible.

Access 2010

Although Access 2010 had its problems, most people agree that its Macro Designer feature was a good idea. This feature worked in two ways - acting either before or after a key event. The program provided five unique types of Macro, each prefixed with the term 'Before' or 'After' to make its use value clear.

Access 2013

With the release of the 2013 version of Access, Microsoft shifted the emphasis from 'database' to 'database creation tool.' This meant users could create apps - so long as they were able to use SharePoint. Access 2013 now also works in line with other programs in the suite by directly connecting to Microsoft's Cloud service.

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Microsoft Access Training Courses from Activia

Feedback from Delegates on our Microsoft Access Courses

Average Review 4.5/5 based on 95 reviews.

"The tutor Gareth was excellent to learn from."     Cliff Orme     Nov 28 2014    

"the trainer was excellent - he worked very hard during the day and strived to make sure our objectives were covered. We really appreciated his input."     Jacki Turnbull     Nov 27 2014    

"The tutor Gareth was very helpful and a pleasure to learn from."     Cliff Orme     Nov 27 2014    

"Great course "     Sara Oliver     Nov 17 2014    

"Excellent one to one session and the tutor tailored the course to my needs. Recommended"     Andrew Oldale     Nov 6 2014    

"A good course."     James Croucher     Oct 14 2014    

"Good course for those who have never used access before. "     James Croucher     Oct 13 2014    

"The trainer was very good and approachable and helped the delegates that were a bit slower at picking things up "     Graham Phelps     Oct 13 2014    

"Thanks to Steve"     John Brooks     Oct 8 2014    

"our trainer was excellent. "     Jacki Turnbull     Oct 8 2014    

"The trainer was very good and approachable and helped the delegates that were a bit slower at picking things up"     Graham Phelps     Oct 7 2014    

"we are very happy with the course."     Coleen Fraser     Oct 7 2014    

"The trainer covered the sessions well and was very patient with some of the candidates that needed a bit of extra help. The trainer was very approachable and delivered the course very well."     Graham Phelps     Oct 7 2014    

"The trainer was very good and approachable and helped the delegates that were a bit slower at picking things up "     Graham Phelps     Oct 6 2014    

"The trainer was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I was the only delegate on the course, so the fact that it wasn't cancelled and still went ahead was amazing."     Steven Journeaux     Sep 26 2014    

"Trainer was helpful and friendly"     Alison Waters     Sep 23 2014    

"Very comfortable course, and the trainer was extremely knowleadgeable and helpful - kept taking me back a step when I was racing off, which means I have a more thorough knowledge than I otherwise would have!"     Kristy Holland     Sep 5 2014    

"Thank you very much for an excellent training course. It was useful, enjoyable and very applicable to what I needed. Steve was excellent and really gave a good training session. It was easy to follow and nicely put together as to build the knowledge during the day. Thank you - I would definitely recommend! "     Kerry Tyson     Sep 3 2014    

"I want to thank Activia for a really personal interest in my training needs. I met some really excellent and talented teachers. I am very grateful for your service and the interest of the team at Activia."     Sarah Moore     Aug 28 2014    

"I really enjoyed the training. It was both interesting and presented in a way that held my attacntion the whole time. Very good training and trainer in my opinion."     Paul Bird     Aug 18 2014    

Microsoft Access Training Courses from Activia

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