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Microsoft Excel training

Training courses for Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003

Excel Training Courses from Activia
From simple cell formatting to VBA applications

For many people, Microsoft Excel is the technology upon which they rely on a daily basis, covering a multitude of workplace applications.
Are you taking advantage of what Excel can offer?
You can use Excel to access, process, analyse, share, and display the information with which you work. Applications for Microsoft Excel have expanded far beyond the accounting and finance departments, to include users in virtually every aspect of business operations.

With Activia, delegates can check their skill level which ensures they book on the correct course.   This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

We can also tailor your Microsoft Excel training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.

About Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet application that can also be described as a two-dimensional database (in other words it’s not relational like Access). On a basic level it can be used to store and present data; but more advanced users will be able to take advantage of its formulae function, allowing them to manipulate data according to their requirements. Information entered in Excel can also be demonstrated graphically in a variety of graph formats.

Our Approach

Interaction is vital if delegates are to achieve their training aims – which is why we make it our main focus. Attendees can also take home a copy of their course materials for future reference.

History Of Microsoft Excel

Previous versions of Excel had all used macros (pre-written code that makes it easier to perform repetitive tasks).  Up until the fourth release, Microsoft utilised XML language to perform tasks. Thereafter, from version 5.0 onwards, Excel used VBA for macros (although users could still revert back to XML if they wanted to).

Excel 2000

This updated release of Excel boasted many new features. For example, users could drag and drop information from a web source directly into their spreadsheet. This was due to the introduction of Enhanced Web Queries, a feature that made it easier to import data in to Excel for analysis and tracking. It also offered a range of different date functions and allowed users to save – and read from – HTML files.

Excel 2003

With the main changes benefiting business users, Excel 2003 was different in two ways:

It permitted information to be saved and updated in XML format. This made Excel instantly compatible with other programs, allowing data to be imported from other sources.Highly specialised, and created for specialist corporate users, IRM tools provided security features to help protect data. This could be achieved by downloading a free software patch.

Excel 2007

Excel’s workbooks were significantly improved in the 2007 update. This meant the programme could store more data (up to 16,000 columns and up to a million rows). The ribbon interface made radical changes to navigation, and was not well received by a large number of users.  Constructing tables around data became easier too, due to a wider array of headings and row types.

Excel 2010

At first glance it seemed like nothing had changed in the 2010 version of Excel, and in fact, the differences were very subtle. Improvements were made to the ribbon, which could be fully customised. Security protocols were also overhauled, thanks to the introduction of Protected View, which prevented harmful content from being downloaded.

Excel 2013

Anyone relying on templates to use Excel will find the 2013 update ideal for their needs. This release comes armed with a veritable range of them, each designed for a specific purpose: forecasting, budgeting, calendars and much more. The new Quick Analysis feature converts data in to tables in two simple steps – plus, workbooks open in different windows, which is ideal for anyone using more than one monitor.

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Training courses for Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003
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Microsoft Excel Training Courses from Activia

Feedback from Delegates on our Microsoft Excel Courses

Average Review 4.4/5 based on 563 reviews.

"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Liz is a very good trainer."     Jenny Bottley     Nov 5 2014    

"Very good trainer. I really enjoyed the day."     Beverley Sass     Nov 5 2014    

"our trainer we had, Muriel i believe her name was, was brilliant super helpful and very easy to learn off. very happy."     Darren Clark     Oct 31 2014    

"Thank you very much - very helpful. "     Suzanne Atkins     Oct 22 2014    

"Pleased with everything. Thank you!!!"     Oxana Morgan     Oct 17 2014    

"Trainer was excellent and explained things in a simple way which helps a lot"     Kelly Burge     Oct 17 2014    

"Our instructor was very infomative, knowledgeable and smiley. Well done"     Dean Moss     Oct 16 2014    

"Emma was great."     Samuel Parker     Oct 16 2014    

"Thanks you for an enjoyable, easy going training session. It was just myself, which meant we went at my speed and covered all I needed."     Lisa Thomas     Oct 15 2014    

"The trainer was excellent. If we have any further training we will be requesting the same trainer."     Vicci Hallam     Oct 14 2014    

"The instructor was very good, well informed and willing to answer any questions. "     Kara Dickey     Oct 14 2014    

"The course was well paced,the venue ideal and lunch was appreciated!"     Jacqui Crewdson     Oct 13 2014    

"Jamie delivered the training well. He was a friendly and helpful man."     NEELAM SAGOO     Oct 13 2014    

"very good trainer, only me and 1 other person attanting to the course so very personal and easy to get the help needed"     Sasha Radford     Oct 10 2014    

"The tutor was effecient, knowledgable, presented the course very well and at a level that could be understood by the different individuals attending. "     Mike Filer     Oct 9 2014    

"The tuther was very professional and knowldgeable. "     Mike Filer     Oct 9 2014    

"A job well done by Caroline."     Kenneth Mareverwa     Oct 9 2014    

"Lunch was nice. Tea/coffee facilities a plus.Lovely lady who took the course-answered all questions and any extra training we needed to help with our day to day jobs."     Shelley Kent     Oct 8 2014    

"Would just like to say thank you "     Karen Price     Oct 8 2014    

"Clare was an excellent instructor. "     Cynthia Poole     Oct 8 2014    

Microsoft Excel Training Courses from Activia

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