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Negotiation Skills Training Courses

Training Courses in Negotiation Skills

Get a better result through a structured approach
Negotiation Skills Training Courses from Activia

About Negotiation Skills training

Negotiation skills extend to many areas of life, at work and in personal life. The first tendency is to assume that it relates primarily to selling (or purchasing) and while this is to a large extent true, it is also arguably a skill needed in staff management - take conflict management as a good example.

Negotiation is a discussion between two or more parties who are aiming to reach a mutual agreement. So the purpose of negotiation, whether in business or our day-to-day interactions, is to find an outcome that is acceptabel to all involved. Without negotiation, there would be no proper undertanding by the parties of each other's needs -- and therefore potential for disputes in the future.

From this, you can see that negotiation is not about getting your own way, but reaching an agreement that benefits everyone involved.

We can also tailor your Negotiation Skills training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.

Why are Negotiation Skills Important?

Regardless of your role or the industry in which you work, you will encounter the need for negotiation to some extent - whether from time to time or as a daily occurrence.

Whether as a sales or purchasing interaction, or a need for workplace agreement, negotiation involves bringing together the differing aims and opinions of peopleso that a secure and sustainable resolution is achieved.

Good negotiation skills will result in improved outcomes through better relationships and fewer conflicts, and the potential for securing results that are commercially sound and backed by mutual understanding means that training to acquire or improve these skills is a fundamental part of business success.

How Will Activia’s Negotiation Courses Help You?

Our Negotiation Skills training is designed to teach you the basics of negotiation so that you become a more effective negotiator. You will learn how to identify objectives and variables, establish negotiation requirements, research the other party, determine concessions, formulate a plan for agreement, and determine the logistics of a negotiation.

We will teach you how to gain control in a negotiation, to seek mutual gain, and deal with negative factors. We will help you to understand the guidelines for conducting a successful negotiation and facilitating communication, questions a person should ask and appropriate responses, and situations that require a specific negotiation style.

At the end of your course we will help you to prepare a personal action plan, which should enable you put your new skills to use right after your training session. And, as with all our courses, you'll also have the opportunity to discuss any difficulties or problematic areas with our trainer, who will be happy to answer your questions on the day.

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Negotiation Skills Training Courses from Activia from Activia

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