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Assertiveness Training Courses

Training courses in Assertiveness

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Assertiveness Training Courses from Activia

About Assertiveness training

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Aggressive Behaviour

Some people (wrongly) assume that assertiveness is synonymous with aggression and feel that if they assert themselves, others will think they are being aggressive. In reality, however, the two are very different.

It is true that both involve stating what you need and standing up for what you believe in, but there are important differences in the way you communicate this. While aggressive people only tend to consider their own position, often upsetting people in the process, assertive people always remain respectful of others and their opinions. It's often about finding the right combination: knowing when to be assertive and when to take a more flexible approach is what makes the difference.

If you find that although you have no problem with giving your own point of view and often get your own way, you also sense that others don't buy in or support you in the way you would like, you are probably being aggressive!

Passive (Submissive) Behaviour

Passive behaviour might appear to be the "easy route", but it can lead to low self-esteem and may have a negative effect on your health and relationships. Not expressing yourself openly and constantly fulfilling other people's needs can leave you feeling tense, anxious and resentful.

If you find yourself in a position where it's difficult to cope (often with your workload) but you mention this to colleagues rather than the person or people who are causing the problem, you are probably being submissive!

How Do Activia's Courses Help You?

Assertiveness training can help you and your organisation learn how to get your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner, the difference between constructive criticism and insults, when to hold back and when pushing through makes sense, and how to use your voice and body language to your advantage without being aggressive.The aim of our courses is to give you easy-to-digest explanations and practical tips on how to improve your assertiveness skills and develop more productive working relationships with both your colleagues and your clients. The training will help you to recognise and differentiate between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour, and effectively adapt your own behaviour depending on the situation and various social triggers.

We'll teach you how to use assertive body language to get your message across and how to shape your personal communication style for instant results.

And with Activia's workshops, your training doesn't end when you leave the classroom. In order to help you put your new skills into practice and get the best results for your business, we help you to develop a personal action plan, and provide you with specific exercises to help build your knowledge and confidence even further. The small classroom size means that you also have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any personal difficulties with our trainers, who will be happy to assist you on the day.

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Assertiveness Training Courses from Activia

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