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Crystal Reports Courses From Activia

Crystal Reports 12 2008 Advanced

A Two-Day Training Course

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  Advanced Crystal Reports Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Course Aims

In this course, delegates will create complex reports and data sources using Crystal Reports tools. They will create more sophisticated reports including subreports and cross-tabs, and also increase the speed and efficiency of reports by using SQL queries.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for people who know how to create basic list and group reports and need to create reports that include subreports, cross-tabs, advanced formulas, and charts based on more than one data series. They may also need to build tools that make it easier for other people to create reports. They may or may not have programming and/or SQL experience. Delegates should be familiar with the content covered in the Crystal Reports 2008 Introduction course. A knowledge of programming and/or SQL would also be helpful.

Course Outline

Creating Running Totals
• Create a Running Total Field  • Modify a Running Total Field  • Create a Manual Running Total 
Working with Cross-Tabs
• Create a Cross-Tab Report  • Format a Cross-Tab Report  • Create Groups in Cross-Tab Reports 
Adding Subreports
• Insert a Subreport  • Edit a Subreport  • Share Variables 
Creating Drill-Downs in a Report
• Create a Drill-Down  • Create Headings for Drill-Down Data 
Using SQL Statements in Report Processing
• Create a Report Using SQL Queries  • Summarise Report Data  • Create Joins Using SQL  • Create Subqueries  • Create a SQL Expression Field 
Creating Complex Formulas
• Work with Loops  • Work with Arrays 
Adding Charts to Reports
• Create Charts  • Create a Chart with a Drill-Down  • Create a Top N Chart  • Create a Cross-Tab Chart  • Create Charts for Grouped Data  • Format a Chart  • Create a Chart Template 
Enhancing Report Functionality
• Organize Data Based on a Hierarchy  • Create a Dynamic Image  • Create a Report Alert  • Create a Geographic Map 

Setup of PCs for training

PCs used for training should have the Microsoft Windows operating system, with Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office (with printer drivers for Print Preview) and Adobe Reader installed.

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Crystal Reports Courses from Activia from Activia

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