Activia for Computer Basics (win. Xp) - Level 2
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Computer Training Courses From Activia

Computer Basics Windows XP - Level 2

A Half-Day Training Course

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  Computer Training Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Course Aims

This half-day interactive workshop course has been designed to give delegates an invaluable start to using computers. Following on from the Level 1 course, delegates will learn the skills needed to become more productive with Windows XP.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is new or inexperienced with computers who wants an easily understood introduction to what computers are and how to start to use them. Delegates should fully understand the concepts and skills taught in the Level 1 course.

Course Outline

Working with Windows XP
Understanding the Layout of a Window: • Opening and Closing a Window  • Minimise, Maximise, and Restore  • Tiling and Cascading Windows  • Moving, Sizing and Switching Between Windows 
Files and Folders: • Creating a New Folder  • Renaming a Folder  • Opening a Folder or File  • Moving Files using Drag and Drop  • Deleting a Folder or File  • Copying, Cutting, and Pasting a File or Folder  • Copying a File or Folder  • Cutting a File or Folder  • Pasting a File or Folder  • Copy to Folder or Move to Folder  • Selecting Multiple Files and Folders  • Dragging and Dropping a File or Folder  • Using My Computer to Browse Files and Folders 
The Recycle Bin: • Emptying the Recycle Bin  • Restoring a File or Folder from the Recycle Bin  • My Computer vs. Windows Explorer 
Menus, Toolbars and Getting Help
Customising Windows XP: • Customising the Taskbar and Start Menu  • Quick Launch Bar and Other Toolbars  • Using Windows Explorer Menus 
The Help and Support Feature: • Opening and Navigating Help and Support  • Understanding the Layout of Help and Support  • Setting Search Options 
The Search Companion: • Using the Search Companion  • Changing Search Companion Preferences  • Wildcard Searches 
The Accessories Menu: • Accessories Menu Programs  • Accessibilities Sub-Menu  • Communications Sub-Menu  • Entertainment Sub-Menu  • System Tools Sub-Menu 

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Computer Training Courses from Activia from Activia

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