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Word Courses From Activia

Microsoft Word 2000 Intermediate

A One-Day Training Course

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  Word Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Course Aims

This intensive training course is designed to extend users' knowledge of Microsoft Word 2000 beyond the basic features. Specially prepared exercises will give users a chance to get 'hands on' experience of enhancing documents with bullets and numbering, sections, tables and graphics.

Who Should Attend

Recent users of Microsoft Word 2000 who want to gain a good understanding of the software in a short space of time. Note : Familiarity with basic features of Microsoft Word 2000 is required.

Course Outline

Bullets and Numbering
• Automatic Bullets and Numbering  • Applying Bullets and Numbering to Text  • Customising Bullets  • Creating an Outline List 
Borders, Lines and Shading
• Adding Borders  • Removing Borders and Shading  • Adding Borders  • Removing Borders and Shading 
Working with Sections
• Creating a New Section  • Column Formatting  • Headers and Footers  • Page Numbering 
Proofing Tools
• Automatic Spell Checking  • Spell Checking Selected Text or the Whole Document  • Hiding Spelling and Grammar Errors  • Using the Thesaurus  • Using Browse  • Go To  • Finding and Replacing Text 
Productivity Tools
• AutoCorrect  • AutoText  • AutoFormatting  • Applying Styles  • Creating Envelopes and Labels 
• Creating Tables  • Adding Rows and Columns  • Resizing Rows and Columns  • Deleting Rows and Columns  • Applying Borders to a Table 
• Inserting Clip Art  • Using WordArt  • Creating Drawings  • Drawing AutoShape Objects  • Manipulating Objects  • Changing the Properties of Objects 
Word and the Internet
• Creating Hyperlinks  • Saving a Word Document as a Web Page  • Creating New E-mail Messages with Word  • Sending Documents Via E-mail 

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