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Line 50 Courses From Activia

Sage 50 Accounts : Intermediate

A One-Day Training Course

Your training is easier with Activia because we have:
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  Line 50 Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Course Aims

This training course takes participants beyond the basics of day-to-day bookkeeping, and into the use of Sage Line 50 for prepayments, accruals, depreciation, contra payments and global changes. It also deals with pricing options and currencies (including the Euro). This is a very 'hands-on' course : delegates will use the package to carry out tasks, and will acquire practical experience as well as an enhanced knowledge of Sage Line 50 and the accounting principles behind it.

Who Should Attend

All Accounts staff who want to move beyond the basics of the Sage Line 50 accounting package.
Note: Participants should be competent in operating a PC, with a good basic knowledge of the package.

Course Outline

Prepayments & Accruals
• What are prepayments and accruals?  • Setting up prepayments  • Setting up accruals  • Processing prepayments and accruals  • Deleting prepayments and accruals 
Fixed Assets & Depreciation
• What are fixed assets?  • Depreciation methods  • Entering a new fixed asset  • Entering an existing asset  • Depreciating assets  • Asset valuation  • Asset reports  • Writing off an asset 
Delivery Addresses
• Delivery addresses  • Adding delivery addresses  • Setting the invoice & order defaults for delivery addresses  • Editing a customer delivery address 
Entering Purchase Orders
• Purchase order processing  • The Purchase Order Processing window  • Entering a purchase order for product items  • Entering a non-product purchase order  • Entering long descriptions 
Purchase Order Skeletons
• What is a purchase order skeleton?  • Using a non-recurring purchase order skeleton 
Processing Purchase Orders
• Printing purchase orders  • Putting purchase orders on order  • Deliveries  • Deliver - complete deliveries  • GRN - Goods Received Notes  • Amending deliveries  • Changes made to the accounts data  • Creating purchase invoices from purchase orders  • Purchase order reports  • Deleting orders 
Product Records & Purchase Orders
• Product records 
BOMs & Product Transfers
• What are BOMs?  • Case studies  • Checking availability of components  • Stock transfers  • Product reports 
Product Pricing Options
• Pricing options  • Setting a special customer price  • Creating customer price lists  • Changing a cost price  • Moving a customer from one price list to another  • Deleting price lists  • Price list reports 
Entering Sales Orders
• Sales order processing  • The Sales Order Processing window  • Sales order - product items  • Multiple line sales orders, discounts, goods not in stock  • Non-product sales orders 
Recurring Sales Order Skeletons
• Sales order skeletons  • Editing a sales order skeleton  • Processing a recurring sales order skeleton  • Editing the frequency of a recurring sales order  • Deleting a sales order skeleton 
Processing Sales Orders
• About sales order processing  • Printing sales orders  • Allocating stock  • Using the ShortFall Generator  • Sales order reports  • Recording despatches  • Changing a sales order  • Manual processing  • Partly allocated orders  • Cancel, hold and unallocate  • Deleting orders 
More about Sales Invoices
• Checking sales invoices  • Printing invoices  • Updating ledgers 
Credit Control
• Credit control basics 
Using the Search Option
• The Customers window  • Using the Search option 
Statements & Account Letters
• Sending statements  • Accounts letters  • Disputed invoices 
Customer Refunds
• Entering the overpayment  • Checking the customer activity  • Processing the customer refund 
Late Payment Legislation
• What is the late payment legislation?  • Setting up your system for late payment charges  • Adding an invoice  • Charging customers for late payment 
Writing Off Bad Debts
• Writing Off Bad Debts 
The Sage Task Manager
• Opening the Sage Task Manager  • Entering tasks  • Closing the Sage Task Manager 
Paying Bills using the Sage Task Manager
• Entering bills into the Sage Task Manager  • Paying bills using the Sage Task Manager 
Cash Flow Forecasting
• Showing the Cash Flow window 

Versions of Sage 50 Accounts

NOTE: Content may vary slightly between versions (eg V10, V11, etc) or applications (Accountant, Accountant Plus, Financial Controller). These differences are usually if little significance and do not affect the core skills acquired during the course.
Because we need to cater for a wide range of users, most of whom do not use the latest version, we deliver the courses on a version that is 2-3 years old.

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Line 50 Courses from Activia

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