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Telephone Techniques Training Courses From Activia

Professional Telephone Skills

A One-Day Training Course

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Telephone Techniques Training Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Do you wonder why dealing with customers on the telephone can often generate problems that are never encountered face to face?

While telephone enquiries provide sales opportunities, one bad experience with someone on the phone may be enough reason for a customer - even a regular customer - to look elsewhere.

The telephone is your customer's lifeline to your company. Yet although it provides fast and relatively inexpensive communication, it is a medium that is impersonal -- and switchboard and other telephone staff must be able to prevent negative behaviour on both sides.
It is essential to understand, not just which techniques can be used, but the advantages and disadvantages of communicating by telephone. We will work with you to produce a solution that enables delegates to be brighter, more responsive and far more effective in their telephone work.
The result ? Customers will have a positive response when dealing with you on the telephone, creating better and longer-lasting relationships.

Course Aims

To raise the awareness of customer service on the telephone and assist delegates in providing telephone service excellence.

Who Should Attend

All staff members who use the telephone as part of their normal duties.

Course Outline

Introduction and Course Overview
Exercise: Getting To Know You
Knowledge / Skill Checklist
First Impressions
• Why Communication Goes Wrong  • Building Rapport  • Communication Methods  • Personal Communication Style Questionnaire 
Telephone Skills
• Telephone Skills Self Diagnostic  • Inappropriate Language/Phrases Exercise  • Effective Telephone Communicators  • Poor Telephone Communicators 
The Factors of The Voice
• Power  • Pitch  • Pronunciation  • Pace  • Inflection/Emphasis 
Six Steps to Handling An Incoming Call
• Good and Poor Statements on the Phone  • Warm Transfer of Calls  • Message Taking 
Questioning Techniques
• What are Open Questions?  • What are Closed Questions?  • T.E.D. Technique for Open Questions  • Funnelling Technique 
Listening Skills
• Listening Skills Questionnaire  • Listening Skills Tips/Techniques 
Telephone Work Standards Monitoring Checklist
• Role Play: Guidelines for Observer Feedback 
• Car wars exercise  • Assertiveness, Aggressiveness and Passivity  • Assertiveness The 3 Steps  • Assertive Skill Practice 
15 top tips for building trust and rapport
Influencing: Preparation
• Influencing Tactics 
Dealing with Anger
• Irate People Tips and Tactics 
A Personal Action Plan

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance, and use of, the telephone in delivering exceptional customer service
  • Gain enhanced key skills in assertiveness, listening and dealing with challenging callers
  • Deal with callers in a professional, efficient manner
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    Professional Telephone Skills Training Courses from Activia

    Feedback from Delegates on our Professional Telephone Skills Courses

    Average Review 4.3/5 based on 41 reviews.

    "Each delegate on the course came out very positive and said Carol was a fantastic trainer and the totally enjoyed every minute of the training."     Keely Jones     Mar 5 2015    

    "Excellent trainer "     Sarah Price     Jan 30 2015    

    "I enjoyed the day and Janet was a big help "     Alex Jones     Nov 28 2014    

    "The trainer was very professional and knew what she was talking about. Very pleased."     Miriam Menne     Nov 28 2014    

    "The trainer was very good and explained everything to its full, which helped me understand everything and improve upon my skills."     Sam Keywood     Nov 7 2014    

    "brilliant day with some fantastic people, helped me a lot."     Paula Joynes     Sep 29 2014    

    "A nice helpfull day, i am pleased i attended."     Lucinda Bartram     Sep 22 2014    

    "This course was a great help. Thanks"     Julia Rason     Sep 22 2014    

    "The trainer was a very good teacher, will recommend the course to others."     Thelma Boateng     Sep 15 2014    

    "Jackie was lovely and made me feel relaxed :)"     Joeldanna Knight     Sep 5 2014    

    "The lady that trained me was excellent - charismatic and very well prepared, she taught me a lot, I would like to say thank you again very much."     Ruth Douglas     Aug 8 2014    

    "Very professional, well prepared course, my coach was great, bright and very charismatic, she teached me a lot."     Kasia Wozniak     Aug 8 2014    

    "I was very impressed that being the only one on the course that day that it wasn't cancelled. The trainer was very warm and welcoming, and was a joy to be with for the day"     Rachel Faulkner     Aug 1 2014    

    "I hope the next training I have is with Colin, he was so nice and I definitely wouldn't have learnt as much if he wasn't."     Jessica Taylor     Jul 21 2014    

    "The tutor was very good and made the course interesting and relaxed."     Denise Graham     Jun 30 2014    

    "The trainer was very good."     Louise Bowles     Jun 30 2014    

    "The course I attended was excellent and an all rounder. It didn't just help me in my present role as customer service adviser but also helped me in other ways too such as day to day skills. "     Amy Woodcock     May 9 2014    

    "The trainer was excellent. Couldn't of asked for anything more."     Amy Woodcock     May 9 2014    

    "Colin is an exceptional trainer with a great in depth knowledge of various industries."     Matthew Goddard     Apr 28 2014    

    "Candy is enthusiastic and a very supportive trainer. She manages a top balance of professionalism and humour to keep the course moving and full of fun and feedback. She imparts her passion for sales and it is infectious. This is the second course I have completed with Candy and she continues to make me excited about my own professional development."     Amber Morley-Trapnell     Mar 14 2014    

    Professional Telephone Skills Training Courses from Activia

    Telephone Techniques Training Courses from Activia

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