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Assertiveness Training Courses From Activia

Developing Assertiveness in the Right Way

A One-Day Training Course

Your training is easier with Activia because we have:
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Assertiveness Training Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Why Assertiveness Training?

Learning to be assertive is an essential skill in business – it allows you to bring your ideas and points across clearly and with confidence. At Activia, we guide you to a manner that comfortably sits within the ‘pushy and annoying’ manager and the ‘doormat’ that isn’t respected by employees.

It’s all about finding the right combination – knowing when to be assertive and when to take a more flexible approach is what makes the difference. These are just some of the ways assertiveness can help your organisation:

  • How to get your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner
  • How to mould your ‘office personality’ and how you wish to be perceived
  • Knowing the difference between constructive criticism vs. insults
  • When to hold back and when pushing through makes sense
  • Using your body language and voice to your advantage
  • To remain professional at all times, never going beyond what’s acceptable when attempting to establish authority

When you train with Activia, we teach you how to apply assertive communication skills in your everyday work situations: you will acquire practical techniques which will increase your effectiveness and productivity, and help you to gain control of daily activities.

Course Aims

This one-day training course has been designed to give delegates the appropriate tools to assert themselves in a wide range of situations at work. They will learn how the proper use of assertive behaviour enables people to deal with work colleagues, clients, suppliers and personal contacts in a way that is productive yet maintains and improves relationships.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to develop more productive working relationships with colleagues, managers/staff and clients, in a positive way that makes life easier for everybody.

Course Outline

Introduction and Course Overview
Different Types of Behaviour
• Definitions of Behaviour Types  • Recognising Aggressive, Passive and Assertive Behaviours 
Causes and Effects of Behaviour Types
• Possible Causes of Different Types of Behaviours  • Impact or Effects of Each Type of Behaviour  • Pros and Cons of Different Behaviours 
Assertiveness and You
• Self Reflection  • The Benefits of Assertive Behaviour to You 
Personal Communication Styles
• What is Communication?  • Getting Communications Across  • Personal Communication Style Questionnaire 
Getting Our Thinking Right
• Our Inner Dialogue  • Managing Our Inner Dialogue  • Understanding Rights and Responsibilities  • Responsibilities of Assertiveness  • Exercises: Inner Dialogue and Rights and Responsibilities  • Positive Thinking 
Body Language and Assertiveness
• How Important is Body Language ?  • Demonstrating Assertive Body Language 
Saying the Right Things
• Guidelines for Assertive Words  • The Three Step Approach to Being Assertive  • Exercises in Applying Assertiveness 
More Assertiveness Techniques
• Reflecting/Playback  • Fogging  • Broken Record 
Starting to be More Assertive
• Making Requests  • Tips for Making Requests  • Saying “No”: Refusing Requests   • LEEP Model for Handling Aggression from Others  • Applying Assertiveness to Your Own Situation 
A Personal Action Plan

Why Activia?

Our courses have been built to give delegates easy-to-digest explanations and techniques that can be applied the minute you leave the classroom. At Activia, we’ll teach you:

Different Types of Behaviour

Business isn’t limited to processes and making sure the numbers add up. It’s also largely about being able to deal with people ¬– your staff forms the crux on which any successful organisation is built.
We’ll teach you how to recognise aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours. You’ll be able to adapt your behaviour depending on the situation, responding to and being able to recognise various social triggers.

Assertiveness and You

This is where we’ll take you through a process of self-reflection – how does assertiveness form a part of your management style? Do you use it effectively when dealing with employees or clients?

Personal Communication Styles

There are several ways in which you can communicate – there is not a single right answer, but rather a collection of different options that can be used based on the circumstance.
We’ll provide everything you need to know about communication, what it is, how to get it across effectively, and we’ll tailor an action plan based on your personal communication style questionnaire.

Saying the Right Things

Once we’ve established an understanding of assertiveness and its place in communications, we’ll give you a template on which to build an assertive dictionary that will help you say all the right things. We’ll equip you with specific exercises to help build your knowledge and confidence.

Body Language

Communication is more than just what you say – body language is often more communicative than words. Assertive body language can get your message across before you even open your mouth. We’ll teach you several techniques that will deliver instant results.

Activia is one of the UK's leading business training organisations – we have helped thousands of people to reach their potential in the workplace. These are just a few reasons why employers consistently choose us:

The Experience

We have been involved in the training industry since 1995. We know exactly how to assemble course structures that fulfil maximum potential, without wasting time or resources. Having the backing of hundreds upon hundreds of past courses, we give businesses what they need.

Dedicated (and Friendly!) Training Advisors

Our trainers aren’t chosen just for their professional qualifications, but they also need to have the right personality – we want our delegates to land in a friendly atmosphere, where people feel at ease and ready to ask questions and make contributions to our sessions.

Tools and Backup

When you finish your course at Activia, that’s not the end of your learning experience! We give you the tools you need to continue the process once you’ve left. We’ll give you a personal action plan, which is a tailored programme built to get the best results for your business.

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Developing Assertiveness in the Right Way Training Courses from Activia

Feedback from Delegates on our Developing Assertiveness in the Right Way Courses

Average Review 4.4/5 based on 33 reviews.

"A really good day, good fun, excellent trainer that put me and the other delegates at ease. Thoroughly enjoyable."     Emilie Gessen     Aug 6 2014    

"The trainer was enthusiatic and engaging and was clearly experienced. She used anecdotal references to help make the tools and definitions applicable to day to day life and was able to appreciate all perspectives given by the delegates."     Hannah Amiss     Aug 6 2014    

"Very happy with the course."     Graham Hawkins     Jul 10 2014    

"The trainer was very informative and very knowledgeable"     June Race     Jun 23 2014    

"thank you for an enjoyable day. "     Sue Allsopp     Jun 23 2014    

"Good course, highly enjoyable and useful."     Andrea Pearson     Apr 16 2014    

"really enjoyed the course"     Masrat Ghani     Mar 11 2014    

"Insightful, I found it very useful"     Constance Rawlins     Mar 4 2014    

"A very interesting and well presented course."     Mick Ellis     Feb 27 2014    

"Jo was an excellent instructor: Thank you."     Richard Field     Feb 18 2014    

"I have picked up some useful guidance on how to deal with certain situations in the future, its just putting them into practice! Thanks"     Jane Jenkins     Jan 23 2014    

"Thank you for giving me the tools to become assertive."     Amanda Smith     Jan 15 2014    

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very useful."     Sara Birkby     Jan 15 2014    

"An excellent trainer -very inspirational- thank you."     Sandra Davis     Dec 5 2013    

"I really enjoyed the course. I was pleased that the course went ahead even though there were only 2 delegates. I got much more out of the course having only 2 delegates and the trainer. I really appreciated that the course was not automatically cancelled due to lack of delegates. Jackie the trainer was absolutely brilliant. She was patient and engaging throughout."     Rebecca Nadarajah     Dec 5 2013    

"Excellent trainer!"     Kirsty Lamb     Nov 7 2013    

"The course was excellent, the course tutor was also excellent and really covered the course in detail and related real life situations within my workplace which helped immensley. There was enough time for questions and discussion to cover the relevant points to make sure I understood what was being covered."     Robin Beardmore     Nov 6 2013    

"Trainer was excellent and made me feel at ease throughout the day. "     Luke Bennett     Sep 19 2013    

"I would like to thank the trainer for her excellent guidance throughout the day."     Dr Maria Butler     Sep 5 2013    

"Really enjoyed it and very good trainer"     Richard Moorcraft     Jun 27 2013    

Developing Assertiveness in the Right Way Training Courses from Activia

Assertiveness Training Courses from Activia from Activia

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