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Telephone Sales Training Courses From Activia

TS Old Course

A One-Day Training Course

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  Telephone Sales Training Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Do you know:

  • How selling to people on the telephone differs from face to face selling?
  • How, because of the impersonal nature of the medium, it is easier to lose sales?
Above all, do you know how to avoid this happening?

Too many companies treat telephone sales people as mechanical "order takers" and unknowingly consign an enormous volume of potential sales to the dustbin#
Whether telemarketing, booking appointments or straight product sales, each activity can be transformed by gaining control of the limitations and the opportunities offered by the telephone#
You will learn the crucial points to watch so that you maximise the conversion of new enquiries to real business#
The result ? Your ability to increase sales and profitability will be enhanced by staff who have a new awareness of how to be more effective.

Course Aims

This intensive one-day training course teaches delegates how to use the telephone for professional selling. Delegates will learn how to prepare scripts, manage outgoing and incoming calls, and implement components of an effective voice. Delegates will also learn about how to craft voice mail messages, deal with gatekeepers and close sales.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved with telephone-based relationships who wants to organise and enhance their skills in the shortest possible time. Although the course has been designed for salespeople, the skills learned can equally be applied to areas such as customer service or support, where sales opportunities arise during the normal run of work.

Course Outline

Introduction and Course Overview
The Sales Cycle
• How the Sales Cycle Works  • Knowledge, Empathy, Solution, Agreement 
The Fear Factor in Sales
• Defining the Fear Factor  • The Myth of the Fear Factor  • Overcoming the Fear Factor 
Maximising Productivity in a Sales Role
• Deflective Tactics - Time Wasters  • Habits Of Successful Sales People  • Talking To The Right People 
Factors of the Voice
• Volume  • Tone  • Pronunciation  • Pace 
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Telephone
• Advantages of the Telephone  • Disadvantages of the Telephone 
Developing Your Script
• The Basic Script  • Making the Script Yours 
Setting Goals
• SMART Goals 
Pre-Call Planning
• Pre-Call Planning 
Generating Appointments
• Generating Appointments 
Dealing with Gatekeepers
• Why Gatekeepers Stop You  • How to Get Gatekeepers Onside  • Proven Techniques for Gatekeepers 
Incoming Calls
• Preparing For Incoming Calls  • Guidelines for Opening the Call  • Meeting Customer Expectations  • First Impressions Exercise 
Voice Mail Messages
• Why We Should Leave Voice Mail Messages  • How to Craft a Voice Mail Message 
Action - Closing the Sale
• Asking For Business  • How To Close A Sale  • Trial Closing  • Aiming For Repeat Business  • Maximising Profit 
A Personal Action Plan

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TS Old Course Training Courses from Activia

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TS Old Course Training Courses from Activia

Telephone Sales Training Courses from Activia from Activia

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