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Microsoft Certification Courses From Activia

Querying and Processing SQL Server Data Using Microsoft SQL Server

A Two-Day Training Course

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  Microsoft Certification Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Authorised Microsoft Training Course

This is an authorised Microsoft training course, delivered by certified Microsoft trainers at fully equipped centres using the latest equipment, software and course materials. There is no better way to undertake your training, to maximise your learning and ensure the highest marks possible in your certification exams.

Course Aims

Elements of the syllabus for this 2-day course are subject to change.
Alto's Querying and Processing SQL Server Data Using Microsoft SQL Server concentrates on providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to exploit the features and functions available in SQL Server.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this clinic is IT Professionals who will be writing queries for use with Microsoft SQL Server. Non-technical “power users” will also benefit from the course if they are comfortable using sophisticated software tools like SQL Server Management Studio.
Before attending this course, delegates must, at minimum, be comfortable working with a complex user interface like SQL Server Management Studio.

Course Outline

Module 1: Quick Intro to SQL Query Basics
• Establish baseline knowledge required elsewhere in course  • Elements of the SELECT statement  • Optional clauses  • Working with NULL values  • Working with Dates 
Module 2: Working with Views
• Nature and purpose of views  • Creating and modifying view  • Limitations and cautions 
Module 3: Advanced SQL Query Tactics
• Scalar and vector aggregations  • Everything you need to know about JOINS  • UNION queries  • GROUP BY queries  • Sub-queries 
Module 4: Data Manipulation Statements
• Insert statements  • Update statements  • Delete statements  • Manipulation through views and over JOINs 
Module 5: Working with Procedures
• Nature and purpose of stored procedures and functions  • Calling stored procedures for effect  • Passing input parameters to stored procedures  • Calling procedures that return data  • Calling built-in functions  • Calling user-defined functions 
Module 6: Task-Oriented Queries
• Finding unmatched or missing records  • Finding duplicates  • Calculating running sums  • Changing a primary key 

Course Objectives

After completing this course, delegates will be able to write queries for use with Microsoft SQL Server.


Microsoft Course 50027

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Microsoft Certification Courses from Activia

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