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Microsoft Certification Courses From Activia

Planning for Windows Server 2008 Servers

A Three-Day Training Course

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  Microsoft Certification Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Authorised Microsoft Training Course

This is an authorised Microsoft training course, delivered by certified Microsoft trainers at fully equipped centres using the latest equipment, software and course materials. There is no better way to undertake your training, to maximise your learning and ensure the highest marks possible in your certification exams.

Course Aims

This intensive three-day training course is intended for IT pros who are interested in the knowledge and skills necessary to plan a Windows Server 2008 operating system infrastructure. The course is aimed at server administrators and is not a “how-to” course; therefore, it has a significant number of planning exercises with less focus on hands-on exercises than some courses.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for server administrators who:

  • Are moving from a technical-specialist role to a decision-making role
  • Want to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to plan for Windows Server 2008 servers
  • Before attending this course, delegates must have:
  • Skills equivalent to course 6418A (deployment)–Installation and configuration of Windows Server 2008, Windows Deployment Services, Active Directory directory service upgrades
  • Skills equivalent to course 6420A (networking fundamentals)– TCP/IP configuration, server administration, network and data security
  • Skills equivalent to course 6421A (core network infrastructure training)– Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) configuration, IPv6 transition, remote access, network policies, Network Access Protection (NAP), Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Skills equivalent to course 6424A (Active Directory fundamentals)– Configure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS), configure Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), create users and groups
  • Skills equivalent to course 6425A (core Active Directory training)– Configure AD DS security, trusts, sites, replication, Group Policy
  • Up to one year experience implementing server plans
  • Course Outline

    Module 1: Planning Windows Server 2008 Deployment
    • Overview of Change Management  • Planning a Single-Server Installation  • Performing a Single-Server Installation  • Automating Windows Server Deployment 
    Lab : Planning Windows Server 2008 Deployment
    • Creating a Planning Flowchart for a Windows Server 2008 Deployment  • Planning a Windows Server 2008 Deployment 
    Module 2: Planning Network Infrastructure for Windows Server 2008
    • Planning IPv4 Addressing  • Planning for Name Resolution Services  • Determining the Need for WINS  • Planning a Perimeter Network  • Planning an IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Strategy 
    Lab : Planning Network Infrastructure for Windows Server 2008
    • Determining an Appropriate Network Addressing Scheme  • Planning the Placement of Network Servers  • Implementing the Planned Network Services 
    Module 3: Planning for Active Directory
    • Selecting a Domain and Forest Topology  • Selecting a Domain and Forest Functional Level  • Planning Identity and Access Services in Active Directory  • Implementing Active Directory in the Physical Network 
    Lab : Implementing Active Directory in the Physical Network
    • Selecting a Forest Topology  • Planning Active Directory for a Branch Network  • Deploying a Branch Domain Controller 
    Module 4: Planning for Group Policy
    • Planning Group Policy Application  • Planning Group Policy Processing  • Planning the Management of Group Policy Objects  • Planning the Management of Client Computers 
    Lab : Planning for Group Policy
    • Creating a Group Policy Plan  • Implementing Group Policy 
    Module 5: Planning Application Servers
    • Overview of Application Servers  • Supporting Web-Based Applications  • Supporting SQL Server Databases  • Deploying Client Applications  • Planning Terminal Services 
    Lab : Planning Application Servers
    • Creating a Plan for Application Servers  • Implementing Windows SharePoint Services  • Implementing Terminal Services 
    Module 6: Planning File and Print Services
    • Planning and Deploying the File Services Role  • Managing Storage  • Planning and Implementing the Distributed File System  • Planning and Implementing Shared Printing 
    Lab : Planning File and Print Services
    • Planning File and Print Services for a Branch Office  • Implementing File and Print Services in a Branch Office 
    Module 7: Planning Server and Network Security
    • Overview of Defense-in-Depth  • Planning for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security  • Planning Protection Against Viruses and Malware  • Managing Remote Access  • Planning for Network Access Protection (NAP) 
    Lab : Planning Server and Network Security
    • Creating a Plan for Server and Network Security  • Implementing Windows Firewall Rules 
    Module 8: Planning Server Administration
    • Selecting the Appropriate Administration Tool  • Planning Server Core Administration  • Delegating Administration 
    Lab : Planning Server Administration
    • Planning for Branch Office Administration  • Delegating Administration to Branch Office Personnel 
    Module 9: Planning and Implementing Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Planning Monitoring Tasks  • Calculating a Server Baseline  • Tools for Monitoring Server Performance  • Planning Software Updates 
    Lab : Planning and Implementing Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Evaluating Performance Metrics  • Monitoring Performance Metrics  • Configuring Data Collector Sets  • Evaluating Trends 
    Module 10: Planning High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Choosing a High-Availability Solution  • Planning a Backup and Restore Strategy 
    Lab : Planning High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Planning for Branch Office High Availability and Data Recovery  • Implementing the High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan 
    Module 11: Planning Virtualisation
    • Overview of Server Virtualisation  • Business Scenarios for Server Virtualisation  • Overview of System Center Virtual Machine Manager  • Planning Host Resources 
    Lab : Planning Virtualisation
    • Creating a Virtualisation Plan  • Implementing Virtualisation (Optional) 

    Course Objectives

    After completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Plan for both Windows Server 2008 installation and upgrade from a previous version of Windows Server to Windows Server 2008
  • Plan and implement network connectivity in Windows Server 2008 by using IPv4-related technologies and plan a migration strategy to IPv6
  • Plan the deployment of Active Directory–related services in Windows Server 2008
  • Apply the design considerations for implementing group policy
  • Plan the configuration of different applications services in Windows Server 2008
  • Create a plan for file and print services to meet an organization’s printing, file storage, and access needs
  • Create a plan to secure the Windows Server 2008 environment
  • Create local and remote administration strategies for administering a Windows Server 2008 environment
  • Create a monitoring plan for the Windows Server 2008 environment
  • Create a plan that will help mitigate the effects of various disaster scenarios on the IT infrastructure
  • Create a plan for using virtualization in a Windows Server 2008 environment
  • Certification

    Microsoft Course 6430B

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