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Oracle® Foundation Courses From Activia

Oracle® SQL

A Three-Day Training Course

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  Oracle Foundation Courses from Activia
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Course Content

Course Aims

The Oracle SQL course is designed to give delegates practical experience in the skills needed to query and update data held in an Oracle Relational Database. The basic SELECT statement, the use of SQL functions and the basic table and view handling statements are introduced.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to use and understand Oracle SQL to query and update data in an Oracle database.
There are no formal pre-requisites for the Oracle SQL course, although an understanding of databases and exposure to information technology in general would be useful.

Course Outline

Relational Database Concepts
• What is an Oracle Database  • Relational Database Structures  • Tables, Rows and Columns  • Indexes, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys  • Supported Datatypes  • The Data Dictionary 
Using SQL*Plus
• What is SQL*Plus  • Getting Started  • Entering and Executing SQL Statements  • Editing SQL Statements  • Creating, Editing and Executing SQL Files 
Using SQL Developer
• What is Oracle SQL Developer  • Starting SQL Developer  • Configure a Connection  • Navigation Tabs  • SQL Worksheet 
Retrieving Data With The Select Statement
• The SELECT Statement  • The SELECT and FROM Clauses  • Conditions and the WHERE Clause  • Other Conditional Operators  • Logical Operators  • The ORDER BY Clause  • Column Aliases  • Arithmetic Expressions  • Precedence of Operators 
Aggregate Functions
• Overview of Built In Aggregate Functions  • The GROUP BY Clause  • The HAVING Clause 
Joining Tables
• Overview of Table Joins  • Inner Joins  • Table Aliases  • Outer Joins  • Self Joins  • ANSI Standard Joins  • Set Operators 
Numeric, Character and Date Functions
• Function Types  • Using the Table dual to try out Functions  • Numeric Functions  • Character Functions  • String Concatenation  • Date Arithmetic and Date Functions 
Conversion and Miscellaneous Functions
• Conversion Functions  • The NVL and NVL2 Functions  • The DECODE Function  • CASE Expressions  • The COALESCE and NULLIF Functions 
SQL Parameters
• Command Line Substitution Parameters  • The Accept Command  • The Define and Undefine Commands 
Using Subqueries
• Overview of Subqueries  • In-Line Views  • Top-N Queries  • Complex Subqueries  • Multi Column Subqueries  • Correlated Subqueries  • Subquery Rules  • Using the ANY, ALL and SOME Operators 
Managing Data
• Inserting Rows  • Updating Rows  • Deleting Rows  • Verifying Updates  • Transaction Control  • Commit and Rollback  • Savepoints  • Commits and Constraints  • Amending Data in SQL Developer 
Managing Tables
• Creating Tables  • Specifying Constraints  • Altering Tables, Columns and Constraints  • Dropping Tables, Columns and Constraints  • Copying Tables 
Managing Indexes and Views
• Creating Indexes  • Dropping Indexes  • Listing Indexes  • Creating and Using Views  • Dropping Views  • Listing Views 
Managing Sequences and Synonyms
• Create a Sequence  • View Sequence Details  • Create a Synonym  • List Synonyms 


The course covers the major topics required for the Oracle examination 1Z0-051: Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I.
Together with the Oracle SQL Advanced course, the Oracle SQL course also covers the major topics required for the following Oracle examinations: 1Z0-007: Introduction to Oracle9i SQL and 1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert.
Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience. The Oracle website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.
Exams are not included as part of the course.

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Oracle® Foundation Courses from Activia

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