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 Activia Blog – Assertiveness 

 Useful tips on how to be more assertive, say “no”, and get the respect you deserve 

Latest Articles

Having low self-esteem can be quite common, and have negative affects on one's life. This article looks at what self-esteem is, how it differs from self-confidence, and how you can boost your self-esteem to enjoy a better life.
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
May 10, 2019
Relationships require constant work. Whether it’s professional partnerships, friendships, or bonds of the lifelong kind. This is because we humans are complex characters, and we spend an awful lot of our time second guessing each other, instead of saying how we truly feel.

Many of us lack the ability to set clear boundaries for ourselves, or have difficulty communicating our boundaries to others - leading to ...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Nov 22, 2018
Assertiveness is one of those qualities most of us would like to have a little more of. It denotes someone who’s a bold decision maker, exudes confidence and is fully in control of his or her circumstances—AKA, a “go-getter”.

At the opposite end of the behavioural spectrum we have passive personalities, which can be be loosely described as self-sacrificing, approval-seeking and lacking in confidence. An...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Jul 26, 2018
There isn’t a soul alive today who’s naturally assertive in every situation they find themselves in.

We all have a comfort zone. And when you step out of that zone – whether at work or in a social situation – our usual assertiveness just disappears.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When faced with a tough challenge, or an awkward person, it’s natural to lose confidence. That’s when your assertive...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Feb 07, 2018
More Articles
This article looks as the consequences of not being assertive in your private like, and 5 ways that you can learn and change your home life.
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Nov 08, 2017

So you like your job... or at least, you don’t hate it. But lately it’s really been stressing you out.

You want to perform well and enjoy your role but all this stress is starting to get you down. Well, you certainly aren’t the first person to...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Oct 11, 2017
Since you’re here, we can probably agree on at least one thing. You could get more done if you were more persuasive.

You could get your work colleagues to see things your way at work. You could sail through negotiations with your kids, about whether now is...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Sep 07, 2017
“It’s not the job that makes me love coming to work. It’s the people.”

We’ve all heard this heart-warming sentiment from friends lucky enough to work in great teams. Unfortunately, the same can apply if you hate your job. It doesn’t matter how mu...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Aug 10, 2017
I was 16 and in my first job, washing dishes at a Beefeater pub, when I first encountered assertive women at work. The place had two assistant managers, Jo and Emma. And heaven help you – well, me actually – if those steak knives weren’t shiny enough...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Aug 05, 2016
Wherever a number of people work together, the chances of misunderstandings and disagreements are high. In an ideal world, everyone would get along with each other and be perfectly respectful and compassionate but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. S...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 27, 2015
To some people, assertiveness comes naturally. They just have the skill and the ability to recognise situations where they need to assert their opinions, and they are able to do so in a way that’s not offensive, aggressive or unreasonable. Unfortunately, not...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 24, 2015
The current-day workplace is distinctly different from what it was a decade ago. The work culture has changed and so has the attitude of the workforce. Today’s professionals are highly ambitious, smart, corporate-savvy, don’t think twice about working late...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 23, 2015
If you’re being driven to the point of anger and frustration by an employee who procrastinates, sulks or passes snide remarks, there is a distinct possibility that you are up against a typical passive-aggressive personality type. Since you have to go into wo...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 22, 2015
When you’re a part of the corporate machinery, you have to deal with different kinds of people and situations on a daily basis. You might interact with your colleagues and subordinates confidently but dealing with your superiors is a different matter altoget...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 21, 2015

Assertiveness is often confused with aggression but even though both characteristics involve sticking up for yourself and what you believe in, they are, in fact, very different. The difference between ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 20, 2015

It’s very common to hear people complain how much their work stresses them out. No matter how competent you are, it’s not an easy task to handle high-pressure jobs, week-in and week-out. If you ha ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 17, 2015

Regardless of the field or organisation you work in, every workplace has the same things in common. Each office will have its fair share of overbearing managers, bossy co-workers or even a difficult t ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 15, 2015

Assertiveness training has been around for longer than you might think. Psychologists coined the expression ‘assertiveness’, which means self-confidence without aggression, back in the 1950s and t ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 14, 2015

You've now been in the job for a little while, and you're starting to find ways in which you feel that the role could be streamlined, or you've found a way in which things should be altered to make th ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 09, 2015

An Ability To Communicate
Someone who is assertive has no problem expressing their views. This means they can often be seen as insensitive to the needs of others. In contrast to passive team me ...
by Ashley Andrews, Jul 03, 2015

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