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David Williams
I'm David Williams, an associate of Activia Training, and I have been connected to the training industry for over fifteen years. My brief with the Activia blog is to write articles which enable people to learn about subjects in the training arena. These articles are generally factual, with hopefully no opinions, and mention Activia only where relevant (so they shouldn't read like promotional material). I hope you like what I do, and if you'd like to post a comment on anything I've written, that would make me happy. Always good to get feedback!
Train the Trainer courses are extremely beneficial. The person who is responsible for training in any organisation plays a vital role because they relay significant information to delegates, so it is essential that they train in an engaging way. In this way, delegates will enjoy the training and understand more of the subjects covered. But if a trainer does not possess training skills (as opposed to knowledge o...
Image for David Williams David Williams
Feb 08, 2013
When you are promoted to being a manager, you should be aware of how your workforce operates. A managerial role is different from a supervisory position on many accounts. For example, the number of people which you were in charge of as a supervisor was probably only a couple of dozen. A supervisor is also normally expected to discipline employees for minor grievances. A manager is expected to oversee and be invo...
Image for David Williams David Williams
Nov 20, 2012
A widely recognised accreditation in project management, having passed PRINCE2 is often required for many high-powered positions. For example, if you want to work as a Civil Servant in the project management environment, it is often required for you to be PRINCE2 certified. When working for a company that obtains governmental contracts, it is normally stipulated that those who will be managing projects are PRINCE...
Image for David Williams David Williams
Nov 09, 2012
When professionals are responsible for completing a particular task which their job expects them to do, the people who they work alongside play an important role in its outcome. After all, a sizeable project might be carried out and, if it is not completed to the required standard, a negative impression may be cast on a company and its brand.

If you have been responsible for completing various tasks in a team e...
Image for David Williams David Williams
Nov 06, 2012

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