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Steve Warren
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Hi, I'm Steve Warren, the Managing Director of Activia Training, as well as our sister companies Emarketers and 247 Publishers. We're a super team here, helpful and happy, but with a strong and ambitious work ethic which drives our success. My own philosophy is that helping people leads to benefits for all, as well as a happier life. Training is the perfect fit for me: it helps companies and their staff to work better, more easily and productively. I like to think that this attitude is communicated through our staff to all our customers. I've been in business for quite a while now, so I hope my occasional posts here give you a balanced perspective based on a fair bit of experience. If you want to comment on them, please do so, though their real purpose is to help you, and if they do that in any way, then that's great news.
Anyone who knows me will testify that my first, and biggest, message to salespeople is that if you want to sell something, people must like you. My second message is that you can’t fake it: what you say and how you behave must reflect what you actually believe. And my third message is that we’re all salespeople (more of that later).

So now we’re out of the EU... or headed that way... for better or worse. ...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Jun 24, 2016
If the title of this article prompted you to take a look, it’s pretty likely that you are serious about your career. Your motivation may be financial – rising high, or earning commission, or pushing your own business to success. But it could be based on something else: think of a scientist or innovator who wants to push the boundaries, or the charity worker who wants to achieve great outcomes, or the group (o...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Jun 08, 2016
Why am I saying this?

It’s simple, really. I run a training company that has 20 years’ experience in training business clients, with a mission to provide the best quality we can at great prices. We are therefore looking for trends, for new ideas all the time, and implement what we think are relevant.

And the “big one” is e-learning. Isn’t it the new way? Doesn’t it hand you control of your learnin...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Dec 03, 2015
It’s a tempting proposition, with groups of staff who need training, to simply enrol them in an online course. Costs are lower, scheduling can sometimes be more flexible, and there is likely to be less time away from the office.

But have you stopped to consider whether this is the best option? Although it is easy to see why many companies are choosing online training as part of their mix in these hard-pressed...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Feb 27, 2014
As the Internet continues to grow in its reach and its variety of offerings, online training is gathering momentum as the learning solution of the future. Online training - also known as e-learning - is a term that encompasses just about any form of training that is delivered via the Internet.

This form of instruction involves the creation of learning content for a particular topic. The content is assembled an...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Jan 16, 2014
What is work like for you?

Hopefully, lots of job satisfaction, variety and a good working atmosphere.  But as the business world gets more competitive (and we know things have been going this way since long before the recession) we are all under increasing pressure to do more with less.

Whether it's the work you need to do, or the time you have to do it in, or the physical resources you have available, the...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Feb 19, 2013
First of all, we need to get one thing straight: training is not an expense, it's an investment. If you don't  'get'  this, you will always lag behind those who do.

As with any investment, you will expect a return, and although measuring that return may sound difficult, it isn't. This article will show you how to do exactly that, and watch your business reap the benefits. This means that we are not viewing ...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Dec 19, 2012
When hard times arrive, the first thing that most businesses do is to cut costs, and this is an understandable reaction. Obvious items like wastage are the first things on the list, and rightly so. But next to come under scrutiny are activities with less "immediate" returns, like marketing, research & development, and training.

But take a moment to think.  Are these not the future of the business? If yo...
Image for Steve Warren Steve Warren
Oct 16, 2012

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