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Latest Articles

Taking Minutes in a meeting in a professional way is not as easy as everybody imagines. This article gives 7 specific tips on how to take minutes. While it can still help experienced minute takers, the article is really aimed at people having to do so for the first time.
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Mar 27, 2018
Relationships, eh? They’re tough sometimes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re platonic, romantic, professional or familial. Every human relationship since the dawn of time has had its rocky moments.

There’s some comfort in that. If you’re struggling to connect with a person, or you’ve made mistakes in how you treat someone who’s important to you... you’re not alone. (Even though it might feel t...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Jan 16, 2018

So you like your job... or at least, you don’t hate it. But lately it’s really been stressing you out.

You want to perform well and enjoy your role but all this stress is starting to get you down. Well, you certainly aren’t the first person to feel like this.

Researchers are virtually tripping over data that says, “stress is very common at work”. In the UK alone, the Government’s Health a...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Oct 11, 2017
From Apple’s Steve Jobs to Virgin’s Richard Branson, inspirational leaders are key to the success of every world-leading organisation - but great leading comes from the top down, and there are inspiring leaders at every level in world-leading companies. Make your company great with our fantastic advice on the skills you need to be a powerful and motivational example to your staff at line manager level.
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Mar 27, 2017
More Articles
It's not easy being a supervisor - and can be particularly daunting if you're new to the role. How do you inspire and motivate your team, while keeping your bosses happy too? It can be a tricky juggling act, but to make life easier for you, we've broken down your role into the 9 skills you need to ace your job. Don't worry - you've got this!
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Mar 13, 2017
Although some people might think that minute taking is a dying art, from a sensible perspective, having effective minute taking skills is still a very worthwhile pursuit. After all, you are making the official record of the meeting and all the decisions that w...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 15, 2015
As we tumble towards 2016, good business writing skills are becoming more important than ever. But why, you might ask, is writing more important now than at any other time in the past? Surely the advent of the modern information revolution has taken the premiu...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jul 14, 2015
We all know the Two Ronnies sketch where a man walks into a shop and asks for fork handles, only to then tell the bemused shop assistant that he was, in fact, after four candles. This is perhaps an extreme example of how communication problems exist between in...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jul 09, 2015
First impressions count

Your company has already invested a great deal of time and money on promoting its values. These beliefs need to be re-enforced when your customers visit your premises for the first time – otherwise you’ll risk losing their busines...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Jul 07, 2015
How many times have you read an email, only to feel confused, dismayed, or even, quite frankly, a little bit annoyed? There’s no doubt that many people will at some point have received an email which they misread, a situation which is certainly not conducive...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
May 06, 2015
It’s a tempting proposition, with groups of staff who need training, to simply enrol them in an online course. Costs are lower, scheduling can sometimes be more flexible, and there is likely to be less time away from the office.

But have you stopped to con...
Image for Steve Warren by Steve Warren,
Feb 27, 2014
As the Internet continues to grow in its reach and its variety of offerings, online training is gathering momentum as the learning solution of the future. Online training - also known as e-learning - is a term that encompasses just about any form of training t...
Image for Steve Warren by Steve Warren,
Jan 16, 2014
A couple of years ago I worked in a marketing department for a successful warehousing company. Although my role was not to sell directly to customers, the other people in my department did exactly that. I knew from conversations I’d had with the sales manage...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Sep 19, 2013
The Resounding Answer Is Yes!

In some cases people are lucky enough to work for a company willing to invest in their training for them. But this form of developmental help is often formulaic and only prepares them for the role they were hired to perform – ...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Aug 07, 2013

Bane or Boon?
There’s no doubt that the landscape of language is changing. Communication is becoming increasingly reductive – with text messaging and social media applications like Twitter ...
by Philip Andrews, Jul 30, 2013

Does This Scenario Feel All Too Familiar?
You sit back down in your chair, having delivered a strong twenty minute presentation that details your department’s achievements for the last month. ...
by Philip Andrews, Jun 18, 2013

Train the Trainer courses are extremely beneficial. The person who is responsible for training in any organisation plays a vital role because they relay significant information to delegates, so it is ...
by David Williams, Feb 08, 2013

A question that often comes up when clients ask about training is whether or not the manager of a team should join his staff or not?
Ultimately, I think that it depends on the situation, so let ...
by John Boddington, Jan 15, 2013

When you are promoted to being a manager, you should be aware of how your workforce operates. A managerial role is different from a supervisory position on many accounts. For example, the number of pe ...
by David Williams, Nov 20, 2012

When hard times arrive, the first thing that most businesses do is to cut costs, and this is an understandable reaction. Obvious items like wastage are the first things on the list, and rightly so. B ...
by Steve Warren, Oct 16, 2012

One of the most frequent responses we hear in the training industry is that companies think that they are too small to do training. While I can understand that a small company might not have the same ...
by John Boddington, Sep 27, 2012

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