Do You Need to Be Certified?
A question that is asked very often of our training staff is whether you actually need to be certified or not? It is a very tricky question to answer because the different certifications and situations that people find themselves in can vary from one to another. Therefore, one answer does not really fit all.

The first factor to really understand is why people obtain certifications. There are generally two scenarios such as when a person is looking at their own career in a private capacity. A certification could help them win a better position or acquire a new opportunity for employment. Some positions will insist that you have a certification. In others, having the certification will be what differentiates you from the other candidates.

Different Candidate

The second situation is when a company requires a staff member to be certified. Again, this could be from a number of different situations but the following examples should help explain. When subcontracting, the companies offering the work might insist that the people doing the work are certified. This could be for somebody who is working on another company’s IT network or project managers that the government insists on being PRINCE2 certified, especially if they are going to manage large projects. However, other companies might not have such detailed requirements.

So, whether you are that private individual or a member of a company considering the certification, do you have to obtain the certification? Again, it does depend. Some situations will insist on it. For example, if you are an internal trainer that does First Aid training or Manual Handling for ill people, you will more than likely have to pass a particular certification. Other situations are not as cut and dried.

One example that has a few variables could be that of being an internal IT trainer. If you are expected to train MS Office courses to staff, there could be a couple of certifications that the company might want. The first is that of being a trainer whereas the second is whether you fully understand the actual software and can you prove your expertise? Some companies might want evidence of all three options. If they want you to be a qualified trainer, you might need to have passed a certified ‘Train The Trainer’ course. In the case of demonstrating IT knowledge, they might insist that you have passed ‘MOS exams’. They are Microsoft’s own exams that demonstrate you know about a particular package.

With a lot of technical material, such as looking after IT networks/databases, passing certain certifications may be needed. You might also just be required to have the appropriate knowledge. In this particular example, courses are completed but they are not focused on exams.

Certificate Success

If you need to ask any questions about your situation, as well as what might be available, why not give us a call? We can try and assist you in whatever way possible by meeting your needs and demands. You might also be unsure about whether you should choose ‘Train The Trainer’, ‘PRINCE2’ or various ‘MOS exams’ in order to enhance your career prospects. Knowing the full picture is imperative because you will therefore know which course should be chosen as well as about passing particular certifications.