Finding the Right Location for Training
For many companies looking at private courses, one of the biggest elements to make a decision about is where the training is to take place. With options such as having the training run at your own location, at the training company’s offices or even in a third party location, what factors need to be considered?


The primary concern really should be ‘what is going to be the most beneficial?’ If this is what you ask yourself, you then have to balance a number of factors. One of the main factors is cost. Does it make a difference to the price where the training is held? Quite often it will. You might have to pay the trainer to get to you but that can often be less than paying your staff’s travel costs to go somewhere else.

A second really important factor is resources. Do you have the necessary resources on hand for on-site training to be delivered at your location? For example, if you want six people to be trained on Excel 2007, do you have a room with machines in or the laptops needed for the on-site training to run? If not, can you hire the equipment? If the answer is no, off-site training that happens at training centres might be your only option.

A third factor is convenience. Would a group attending public classes at your own facilities distract the other staff? In many open plan offices, a trainer’s voice can be a distraction to other employees and whether public classes should be chosen has to be taken into consideration.

A fourth factor is focus. If private training is delivered at your own offices, you run the risk of people wanting to check their emails whilst on a break or can get pulled into some kind of emergency.

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Having off-site training does ensure that focus on the course is not lost and that people will receive the maximum number of benefits from the time afforded.

At Activia, we believe in providing the solution you need. As you weigh all of these factors and come to the decision best suited to your organisation, we can then arrange to meet your needs. For most subjects we can offer training at our own training centres or at a site of your choice.

Having sent professionals to conduct both public and private training to as far afield as Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Gibraltar and Switzerland, we can ensure that we will make arrangements for you. Just let us know what you need.