Have You Managed a Project Without Realising It?
When professionals are responsible for completing a particular task which their job expects them to do, the people who they work alongside play an important role in its outcome. After all, a sizeable project might be carried out and, if it is not completed to the required standard, a negative impression may be cast on a company and its brand.

If you have been responsible for completing various tasks in a team environment, you might have been the person who managed it. As the roles which are in today’s job markets become increasingly varied, there may have been some situations where you were directly responsible for managing a project without even knowing you had taken on such a role.


Project Management does not necessarily have that title and, more often than not, it can be defined as being something which is completely different. Here are a few examples:

1) Event management can indicate Project Management and many people can be the individuals who are directly responsible for its outcome. A person working for a local governmental office as an administrator might be asked to oversee a fair which will have many businesses attending that specialise in a particular job sector. Due to the number of businesses who will be present, effective communication needs to be carried out in order to determine if they will be attending or not. If a venue has to be found as well, the person who is organising the whole fair might have to contact relevant organisations in order to find a sizeable venue.

As an administrator also has to do their normal job, they might not have enough free time in order to organise a fair by themselves. Therefore, they might have to seek outside help and be responsible for managing the tasks which a team will be completing. As an administrator might be the person who will be directly responsible for the outcome of the fair, they are accountable for the work which a newly assembled team completes.

An administrator might also be present at the fair which they and their team have organised. They may be the first point of contact and are the individual who everyone turns to if any problems arise. These and the many other duties which an administrator completes are prime examples of Project Management. There are other situations when Project Management could be completed and you weren’t aware that this had actually happened.

2) If several people work together in a team to complete a task, they are all directly responsible for the outcome of the final product. When a presentation needs to be done to what may be a room full of delegates and one person has been nominated to deliver the work which a team has been collaborating on, they will need to be fully prepared. If no preparation is done beforehand, the person who is delivering a presentation will look unprofessional.

The person who is responsible for giving a presentation may have taken a direct approach with the people they were working alongside by designating each team member with a particular task. Meetings might also have been arranged outside of office hours as well. Although the team which they were working with was not big, the person who is delivering a presentation has actually managed the project by themselves.

In order to better your Project Management skills, there are many courses which can help you to do so. At Activia, we have a number of different options that can be looked at. So, what skill levels are Project Management courses available in? The answer is Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced and Essentials. The Essentials course is a one day course that combines elements from both the Introduction and Intermediate. When your ability to manage a project enhances, you can choose another course which teaches the next skill level.

Next Skill Level

On a separate note, if you want to achieve PRINCE2 qualification level, Project Management courses might be a good introduction, but will not provide that exact methodology. Therefore, you should study a separate course because it will provide this type of training, as well as including the exams.

When you attend relevant Project Management training, your career can enhance substantially. If you need to manage a team frequently and the responsibility of the final outcome rests on your shoulders, you can reap many dividends by attending pertinent training. After all, the quality of a project can reflect very well personally because it can impress not just your superiors but also your colleagues as well because they will have learnt a lot from working alongside you. Attending Project Management training is not just helpful to your career but those working alongside you as well.