How Can You Rate Yourself As A Manager?

Is It Really Possible to Appraise Yourself?

Do you see yourself as others do? You may think your real skill is with people management for example – but your team, if given the opportunity, might explain that they feel demotivated and unclear on their objectives. That’s why third party feedback can be a useful tool for managers wanting to capitalise on their strengths and address their weaknesses.


Whether you’re impartial enough to review your abilities clearly and without prejudice – or rely on others to conduct these assessments for you – you’re inevitably going to reach an impasse. Now that you’ve got all the data in front of you there’s a difficult question that needs answering: ‘What do I do now?’

Do you read some books? Mentor someone within the business to see how they do things? Alternatively, you could develop your skills by attending a specialist training course that would help you to focus intensively on those areas identified as needing development.

Below are samples of training courses we run that you might want to review as part of your research.

Managing Staff for Better Performance

If you’re in charge of a team then you’ll be faced with a number of different challenges. How do you cope with the difficult issue of conflict for example? If some of your staff are struggling to get on, this will affect their productivity and impact upon the overall group dynamic. This course will provide you with the tools needed to deal with such challenging situations – pre-emptively and after the event. It will also introduce you to different management styles and how to successfully measure objectives.

Project Management: Setting Up Success

Project Management requires a set of specialist skills that often can’t be learned intuitively. As a result of this you may have struggled with this aspect of your role – especially if it is only something you’re asked to do occasionally.Learning how to prioritise your time, the key stages involved in a project, and what organisational tools are needed to be successful, are just some of the areas we’ll cover on the day.

Effective Delegation for Better Results

Perhaps you’re the sort of manager who’s fearful of sharing their workload – because you’re scared others will fail, prefer to control the situation, or don’t know how to delegate successfully. Other people are even scared that the person will succeed, and make them seem redundant! This course is designed to help managers identify the right people to help them, monitor the quality of the work they’ve allocated, and give constructive feedback once the task has been completed by the assignee. It will also look at other key aspects of the process, like structuring delegation meetings and clearly defining a set of instructions for colleagues to follow.

See for Yourself

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What Have You Found Helpful?

How successful have you been at self assessment? Did you manage to identify areas for improvement and, if so, what were they?

What training courses have you attended to address your development areas and what difference did they make? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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