How to Pass PRINCE2 on Your First Attempt
A widely recognised accreditation in project management, having passed PRINCE2 is often required for many high-powered positions. For example, if you want to work as a Civil Servant in the project management environment, it is often required for you to be PRINCE2 certified. When working for a company that obtains governmental contracts, it is normally stipulated that those who will be managing projects are PRINCE2 certified.

Manage a Project

If you manage projects in the United Kingdom, PRINCE2 is the de-facto standard. A process-based approach to projects and how they should be managed, PRINCE2 can be used for projects of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if a small or a large project will be managed because the same processes can be applied.

PRINCE2 courses do usually include a certain amount of pre-course preparation. Used to forge a solid understanding of PRINCE2, pre-course material provides helpful information about what will be taught during PRINCE2. Pre-course material is given before a course begins and it explains the basic terminology which will be used throughout the PRINCE2 training course. Therefore, you won’t be unsure about certain phrases which will be mentioned at any point because you will know about them prior to starting PRINCE2.

Courtesy of pre-course material, you will be given the best possible help even before you attend PRINCE2. The first tip then is to make sure that you book with enough time to go through the pre-course readings properly. Many companies offer extremely low pricing on any available seats that they have just before a course. While this will reduce the price for a delegate, it is not always in that delegate’s best interests in terms of trying to pass the exams. Rather pay a little more to book a slight bit ahead, giving you the time to prepare properly.

There are 3 courses for PRINCE2, the Foundation exam and the course designed to prepare for that, the Practitioner exam and the work designed to prepare for that, and the combined Foundation and Practitioner.

Providing an understanding of the PRINCE2 method, themes and processes, we recommend that you should have a background in project management. As we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of pre-course reading, you will be able to understand any key phrases because it is provided. PRINCE2 Foundation also has a set structure which enables you to know the topics which will be covered long before you turn up. If you are completely new to the project management environment, it is worthwhile considering splitting the two courses, and doing the Foundation on its own, then returning for the Practitioner.

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner are suitable for project leaders, project managers and project coordinators that wish to obtain a deep understanding of PRINCE2. It aims to teach students about why project management plays a vital role in the workplace and how the themes and processes which are in PRINCE2 can be applied.

The Practitioner Upgrade course is for those who have done the Foundation level only previously, and now want to return to complete the upgrade to Practitioner level. The exam itself is an open book exam, but the biggest constraint many people struggle with is time. For that reason, only book the course when you are able to feel that you are able to create projects in a timely manner. If you have booked the Practitioner Upgrade separately, spend some time practising what you learnt in the Foundation class, even if it is to create fictitious projects just for the purpose of practice.

Race Against Time

We don’t organise large classes because we believe that this doesn’t meet the needs of our students. In fact, we offer PRINCE2 training in smaller classes. Our trainers are able to answer any questions which our students have and urge you to ask anything which is relevant. Even if you think a question is silly, we don’t because the answers we give could help you to complete something in an entirely different way.

As you won’t be able to give 100% when managing projects because the training you received was inadequate, you would have wasted hundreds of pounds. The learning experience which Activia provides will probably be exactly what you want and you’ll more than likely pass PRINCE2 on your first attempt.