How VMware Can Help Companies With Their Cloud Computing
There may be many reasons to explain why a company wants to change the way in which their day-to-day operations are run. If a large or medium sized company have a huge workforce, a considerable number of software programmes may be used on a daily basis. When different versions are needed or an upgrade is due to happen, the total amount of money which needs to be paid can be very expensive.

Other reasons can explain why a company wants to improve their work ethic, such as the amount of money which is spent on their wage bill. When a software programme stops working, experienced IT professionals are needed in order to rectify such problems. The amount of physical space which is required in order to store datacentres and other bulky items can also be significant as well. Therefore, additional capital is needed in order to own or rent premises which can house such items.

Locating relevant programmes on a company’s hard drive can be time-consuming. If employees are informed about a particular software programme which they must use on a daily basis, finding it may take a long time and, as a direct result, will affect productivity because they are not doing their job.

When the aforementioned factors are taken into consideration, it can be difficult for a company to achieve the success which it wants to. It is therefore very difficult for small businesses to grow because of the many financial burdens which are attributed to the day-to-day running of a burgeoning company. Thanks to the Cloud Computing services that are provided by VMware, the total amount of money and resources which are needed in order for a company to be successful is minimal in comparison to the approach which they might currently be using.

Effective Cloud Computing services 

One of the main objectives of VMware’s Cloud Computing’s solutions is to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) whilst also decreasing IT infrastructure investments which have hardly any significance. Courtesy of VMware solutions, IT systems are managed more personally by a company and they are fully aware of when any problems arise. Furthermore, advice is provided about how these issues can be rectified and highlights the ways in which they can be stopped from happening again.

VMware’s solutions also offer greater convenience as well because only relevant applications can be used throughout the whole of a company’s Cloud Computing system. Applications are run in a company’s datacentre and enables for their infrastructure to utilise policy-driven and management and automation in order to fully monitor its actions. So, how does VMware actually help a company to have the Cloud Computing solutions which they want?

VMware’s approaches to Cloud Computing 

Offering easy and self-service access, VMware’s solutions help companies so that their IT services are as simple as possible. Therefore, software programmes fit around the needs and demands of the people who use them and not vice versa. Consequently, IT staff can regulate how software programmes actually work so that the risk which is posed is minimized to absolute zero.

A very high level of security is provided by VMware’s solutions. If a business deals primarily in personal data such as names, addresses and bank details, security will not be compromised. VMware offer a high level of security for Virtualisation as well because the policies which a company has are implemented in order to provide a safe and secure service. As security remains constant, a company won’t have to reconfigure static security infrastructure for a dynamic computing environment because security will not be breached.

When applications are run on VMware, they won’t have to be modified at all. Developers can create portable applications which can be used on smartphones and other hand held devices. Similar to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, applications can be accessed wherever employees are. Therefore, you don’t have to be in an office in order to complete your work. This is very convenient because employees can also complete urgent work even if they are a considerable distance away from their desk.

For example, if an important client has requested that the work which will be completed for them should be done sooner than what was agreed on, a company will want to maintain a positive relationship by adhering to their demands. If many employees are completing a particular task but they cannot physically work alongside each other, they can use the same applications because of VMware’s solutions.

Thanks to VMware’s solutions, different programmes don’t have to be downloaded because they are brought together so that they can be used more collaboratively (hence the term ‘cloud’). Therefore, even if a person who has minimal experience operates a software programme for the first time, they won’t have to consult various installation manuals because applications are ready to be used.

From the IT perspective, and having staff that are able to install, configure and manage cloud technology solutions, VMWare does offer certifications that IT staff can attain. In addition, there are also a number of courses to provide the knowledge required, both for the actual on the job knowledge, as well as to help pass the certifications exams. Should you have any questions regarding the certifications or courses, do not hesitate to contact Activia.