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 Activia Blog – IT for Business 

 Articles related to the everyday use of IT in business 

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We all use spreadsheets from time to time, some people are on them all day every day. It depends on your job role. It pays to learn about the key formulas and functions that are needed to complete the tasks on Excel that you need to do.

Some people deal with “people data” and that’s all text based names and addresses etc. Some people are finance based so it’s all about the numbers, they need calculatio...
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Feb 01, 2018
Why Do You Need To Update?

Businesses are often scared of being left behind. They think that by ‘standing still’ they’re somehow failing to be progressive. In doing so they neglect to ask the questions that matter the most and proceed to invest in expensive – and, ultimately, unnecessary – software programs that damage their company in the long-term (sometimes irreparably).

Here are some of the diff...
Image for Philip Andrews Philip Andrews
Oct 03, 2013
There may be many reasons to explain why a company wants to change the way in which their day-to-day operations are run. If a large or medium sized company have a huge workforce, a considerable number of software programmes may be used on a daily basis. When different versions are needed or an upgrade is due to happen, the total amount of money which needs to be paid can be very expensive.

Other reasons can ex...
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Jan 24, 2013
Have you ever used a database that was so slow you wanted to stop using it? You hit a button to run a query and you were still waiting for results to come up a little while later. In that time it felt like you could have gone and made a cup of tea? Chances are that the reason for this is that the database was not planned properly.

Far too many people, when designing a database, either for themselves or for othe...
Image for John Boddington John Boddington
Nov 29, 2012
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