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 Activia Blog – Management 

 Extensive articles to help you with self-management, team management and project management. 

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Information and guidance for the acquisition of management skills
Help for managers and supervisors to get the best from their staff
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Management (Self Development)

In today’s age, the speed of life is now at such a rate that a large number of people do find themselves struggling to cope with everything and this can cause a lot of stress. The current economic climate has certainly not helped. Even happy families that ha...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Oct 01, 2012
Understanding the Basics

Sales is not about luck. It’s about understanding the product or service you’re selling. To attain this level of knowledge it’s important to put in a certain amount of effort – not just during working hours, but in your own t...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jul 07, 2015

Management (Team Development)

Just over a year ago, HR magazine posted an article on their website about employees who felt that they were being asked to make decisions that they were not qualified to do (HR Magazine, David Woods, 17th June 2011). Many staff believed that they were not pro...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Sep 20, 2012
Thelma and Louise. Cheese and wine. Talent management and training - things that all go hand-in-hand, and the latter is something that you can't overlook in business.

Many do, but the best practice of talent management is to recognise that making sure your ...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jul 01, 2015

Project Management

People are not machines. Pretty obvious statement, right?

So why do project managers insist on trying to program their teams to do exactly as they say and expect consistently high performance? According to David Shailer's book, The Project Manager's Toolkit,...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Apr 26, 2016
“Death march projects are the norm, not the exception.”

When Edward Yourdon made that statement in his book, Death March, many assumed it was a problem only present in the software industry. But since then, every industry seems to have adapted a similar ...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Mar 30, 2016

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