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 Activia Blog – Management (Self Development) 

 Information and guidance for the acquisition of management skills 

Latest Articles

Boy, has the world changed a lot in recent years. The way businesses operate, hire and communicate has transformed almost beyond recognition.

It’s partly thanks to digital technologies, which have streamlined and connected everything. It’s partly the world getting smaller, with business and hiring becoming increasingly globalised. The current generation of employees is different too – just try Googling ...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Feb 21, 2018
From Apple’s Steve Jobs to Virgin’s Richard Branson, inspirational leaders are key to the success of every world-leading organisation - but great leading comes from the top down, and there are inspiring leaders at every level in world-leading companies. Make your company great with our fantastic advice on the skills you need to be a powerful and motivational example to your staff at line manager level.
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Mar 27, 2017
It's not easy being a supervisor - and can be particularly daunting if you're new to the role. How do you inspire and motivate your team, while keeping your bosses happy too? It can be a tricky juggling act, but to make life easier for you, we've broken down your role into the 9 skills you need to ace your job. Don't worry - you've got this!
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Mar 13, 2017
Leaders, and the skills of management, are sometimes undervalued. While lower-level work usually has a physical result (such as making or selling a product), a leader’s work is less visible. But that doesn’t mean leaders are not vital to every company’s success – because they certainly are.

Imagine putting together a team of the world’s most talented engineers – and not giving them a leader. One of ...
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Jan 20, 2017
More Articles
Managing a team can be one of the most rewarding things in the world… provided you love responsibility and multitasking. Because team management can also be incredibly stressful.

You know how it goes. When starting a new role or project, you and your team ...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jan 12, 2017
You can’t anticipate everything

Sometimes it’s possible to spot the early signs of conflict and take preventative action. But there’ll also be occasions where this isn’t possible. Disputes can build by slow increments – so slowly, in fact, that eve...
Image for Jordan James by Jordan James,
Jul 13, 2015
Is It Really Possible to Appraise Yourself?

Do you see yourself as others do? You may think your real skill is with people management for example – but your team, if given the opportunity, might explain that they feel demotivated and unclear on their objec...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Oct 09, 2013
Sorry, But It’s Not All About You

That’s not to say your priorities don’t matter. You have key tasks that you need to perform on a daily basis – and to ensure they’re completed on time, and in line with each given brief, you’ll to need to define ...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Sep 05, 2013
In today’s age, the speed of life is now at such a rate that a large number of people do find themselves struggling to cope with everything and this can cause a lot of stress. The current economic climate has certainly not helped. Even happy families that ha...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Oct 01, 2012
So you’ve had a great idea, seen that gap in the market and seized the opportunity. Your startup company is taking off and you now have a group of people working for you. From being the man with a plan, you now seem to be the general dog’s body as you have...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Jul 16, 2012

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