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 Activia Blog – Management (Team Development) 

 Help for managers and supervisors to get the best from their staff 

Latest Articles

The latest figures from Gallup US show that just 33% of employees feel ‘engaged’ – i.e., involved, enthusiastic and committed – at work. This isn’t a new trend. A graph charting data from the last two years shows average employee engagement has stayed in the 30-35% range throughout that time.

These numbers should make senior business managers sit up and take notice - especially if you’re planning f...
Image for Ashley Andrews Ashley Andrews
Jul 18, 2017
Understanding the Basics

Sales is not about luck. It’s about understanding the product or service you’re selling. To attain this level of knowledge it’s important to put in a certain amount of effort – not just during working hours, but in your own time too.

To begin with, when an inductee joins a company, they’re keen to impress their employers and are highly motivated to succeed, which means they...
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Jul 07, 2015
Thelma and Louise. Cheese and wine. Talent management and training - things that all go hand-in-hand, and the latter is something that you can't overlook in business.

Many do, but the best practice of talent management is to recognise that making sure your staff are fully-equipped, with the training that they need, is essential. Today, we take a look at the fundamentals of talent management and training, so joi...
Image for Jordan James Jordan James
Jul 01, 2015
The Issue Of Trust Is Key

Although it is no longer unusual for people to work remotely, their physical disconnection from a business environment makes it harder for employer’s to directly assess the contribution they’re making. This can lead to doubt concerning the individual’s performance. In a normal office situation it’s possible to directly monitor what a person is doing – often just by glancing i...
Image for Philip Andrews Philip Andrews
Jul 25, 2013
More Articles
Coaches Need To Be Coached

This is the first – and without a doubt the most important point – that needs to be made. In many cases, employees with no prior experience of teaching find themselves being asked to mentor other team members. For such individ...
Image for Philip Andrews by Philip Andrews,
Jun 27, 2013
While many companies focus on training their managers (and rightly so) in such areas as Coaching and Delegation, the one topic that often gets overlooked is possibly the most important. It is Decision Making. While a manager might know how to coach his/her sta...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Sep 24, 2012
Just over a year ago, HR magazine posted an article on their website about employees who felt that they were being asked to make decisions that they were not qualified to do (HR Magazine, David Woods, 17th June 2011). Many staff believed that they were not pro...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Sep 20, 2012
Many years ago whilst at university, I read Alvin Toffler’s book Future Shock (1970). At the time, it blew my mind and I have often thought back to some of his predictions because I have seen them coming about.

Not all of his predictions have been accurate...
Image for John Boddington by John Boddington,
Sep 17, 2012

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