Managing Stress – Is It Only Up to You?
In today’s age, the speed of life is now at such a rate that a large number of people do find themselves struggling to cope with everything and this can cause a lot of stress. The current economic climate has certainly not helped. Even happy families that had everything balanced now worry about money issues which they might not previously have had to consider.

So, are you or a loved one suffering from stress because you are experiencing difficulty with coping with whatever life throws at you? Is there anything that could be done about it? Are there aspects in your life which have to be sorted out or is it something that you face alone?

Stressed Businessman

The simple answer is that there is something that you can do and you do not have to face things by yourself. In fact, even before trying to attempt stress management, it is useful to know about the symptoms that people can show. That way, if you see either a loved one, or a work colleague, displaying the signs of impending health problems, you can try and be proactive by lending a helping hand. As a manager at a company, if you are in a high pressure environment, it would probably pay to make sure that you can recognise such signs in your staff. That way, you can assist and take action before the problem becomes too severe.

So what are some of the symptoms?

Have you experienced a change in behaviour? Are you now struggling to sleep and are smoking or drinking more? Are you finding that your eating habits are changing and are struggling to make decisions about things that you would have been able to cope with previously? Has your health deteriorated? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you could be suffering from stress and, if nothing is done, your health can be permanently damaged.

Should you feel that you are struggling, or a family member or colleague is, what can then be done? There are a number of anti-stress strategies that you can employ and the more successful you are at this, the happier your life will become. Most importantly, you won’t be concerned if your health deteriorates due to stress because it won’t happen again.


At Activia, we offer two types of anti-stress strategies which provide training regarding stress management. One such strategy is aimed at the people that are experiencing stress. This covers the causes, the symptoms and, most importantly, what can be done about stress.

The second is how to recognise stress in others and what can be done. So, whether you are feeling stressed out, or work at a company and want to ensure that your employees are coping okay, look at what is applicable. There are options and, should you need to, contact us about what we could suggest for your particular situation. Or if you'd like to read more about or stress management training courses, click here.