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 Activia Blog – Personal Development 

 Articles to help you develop your soft skills such as assertiveness, communication and time management 

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Tips and tricks to help you improve your productivity, avoid procrastination, be more organised, and get the most out of your day
Useful tips on how to be more assertive, say “no”, and get the respect you deserve
Tips and tricks on how to become a more effective communicator and listener
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Time Management

Does this sound familiar? On too many days, you feel like you're playing catch-up all day - you start on one task, only to decide that something else is more important, so you switch to working on that instead. You may decide to make an early start, but the st...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Dec 17, 2018
Although it may not seem like an important factor, your immediate surroundings play a bigger role in your productivity than you may realise. The way your workplace looks and the feeling it emanates both play a major role in how you will work.

Not only does ...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Aug 03, 2015


If you’re being driven to the point of anger and frustration by an employee who procrastinates, sulks or passes snide remarks, there is a distinct possibility that you are up against a typical passive-aggressive personality type. Since you have to go into wo...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 22, 2015
Assertiveness is often confused with aggression but even though both characteristics involve sticking up for yourself and what you believe in, they are, in fact, very different. The difference between the two lies in the level of respect you give yourself and ...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jul 20, 2015

Communication Skills

Recently, a friend of mine had the opportunity to go to an interactive workshop/training session that I would love to have been able to go to.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so I told her that I would get all the good bits from her afterw...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Jan 07, 2019
In a highly competitive work environment, stressful situations are inevitable. Differences of opinion, diverse work habits, and different personalities can all lead to disagreements when stress and tension come into play. Although being able to communicate eff...
Image for Ashley Andrews by Ashley Andrews,
Oct 07, 2015

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