Train the Trainer Courses Benefit You at Any Stage of Your Career
Train the Trainer courses are extremely beneficial. The person who is responsible for training in any organisation plays a vital role because they relay significant information to delegates, so it is essential that they train in an engaging way. In this way, delegates will enjoy the training and understand more of the subjects covered. But if a trainer does not possess training skills (as opposed to knowledge of the subject) the delegates will not get anywhere near the benefit they should.

Train Your Trainers

One of the courses in our Train the Trainer suite, Being an Effective Trainer, is aimed at understanding what makes a successful trainer, improving the overall skills a trainer needs, and knowing the many different approaches that a trainer can take. A trainer is similar to a consultant: there isn’t one type of consultant which a business can hire, and a trainer is no different.

Being an Effective Trainer can be attended by trainers at any stage of their career. If a trainer has yet to deliver a training course and wants to be given the best possible start, this course can lay the foundations early on. Similarly, Being an Effective Trainer can be attended by trainers with many years of experience who want to improve or refresh their skills.

What is included in this course? Delegates will learn about the different types of trainers that exist, for example whether they are a directive or systematic trainer.  The style which a trainer should adopt and the communication skills they should be using are also covered in the course.  Communication plays a vital role during a training session because a trainer will need to answer questions from delegates as well as successfully delivering information.