We’re Too Small To Train!
One of the most frequent responses we hear in the training industry is that companies think that they are too small to do training. While I can understand that a small company might not have the same sort of volumes when it comes to training that large companies do, I cannot see why small companies would not invest in training at all.

In fact, here are some reasons why I think small companies actually should do sales training as well as the other types of training.

Training Small Teams

In large companies, staff often have clearly defined job specifications. In small companies though, that is less often the case and people have to multi-task and cover a number of roles. If you have people covering a number of different functions, why not make sure that they are properly equipped to do all the roles that they look after? Perhaps your salesperson that also does Customer Service could help with doing a small Customer Service course? Or vice versa? Sales training can help all staff members.

The second reason is that small companies normally have family members that work together to help out. Perhaps a spouse or child helps occasionally with something specific, such as invoicing clients. They are given the part time position because they are family. Does that mean that they are efficient or are good at what they do? Why not invest to make them just that little bit more productive?

The third reason is that as small companies attempt to grow, adding staff members and getting the ‘right’ person is probably more crucial than it is in a big company. You may need to know if candidates are qualified and if they will fit in well with the rest of your company. More often than not, you would be personally in charge of the recruiting process rather than going through an agency.

If you have not had training before about how interviewing skills should be used to their full potential, image how much money could be spent on recruiting and having to redo the process when it is discovered that the person is not suitable at all? As you continue to grow and this happens more and more often, having good interviewing skills is imperative because the right candidate will be found first time around.

Pick the Right Candidate

So, while you might have thought that you were too small for training, perhaps this has opened up the fact that although you might not need training, there could be many benefits in it for you. Perhaps the training will be just what is needed to ignite your next growth phase. Since there occasionally are government grants available for small companies to access training, surely the subject is worthy of your consideration? For any help with what grants might be available, or the courses which could best suit a small company, give Activia a call.