Why Being Trained in Cloud Computing is Beneficial
Cloud Computing is changing the way in which businesses operate. Referring to a combined use of applications, the term ‘cloud’ does not signify weather patterns but a digital platform in which dozens or even hundreds of computers in a grid can have simultaneous access to many applications.

Software programmes don’t have to be downloaded when updates need to be carried out because this is automatically done on a company’s behalf by Cloud Computing. Similar to a utility company, businesses only pay for the applications which they use. However, in order for Cloud Computing to be a complete success, every single employee who uses it should be trained in some of the fundamental software programmes which they might use every day.

Cloud Computing

A wide variety of informative courses are available 

Thanks to Cloud Computing, employees have access to a considerable number of software programmes. However, if some employees are not able to operate a particular programme because they have no prior experience, this can affect productivity because it may take much longer in order for them to complete specific tasks. If they know how to use a software programme, completing such duties would only take a short while. It is highly recommended that an authorised training provider is chosen in order to carry out training.

Apart from the end user though, there are a number of courses that are available for IT staff that need to both upgrade their skills and obtain the relevant certifications. The two principle vendors in this market are Microsoft and VMWare, and courses are available for both.

The latest version of VMWare vSphere is V5. There are a number of courses available, but the main and most popular one, both in terms of knowledge gained and exam preparation, is the Install, Configure, Manage course.

Microsoft also offers a number of courses, and with the launch recently of the 2012 servers, that range specifically assisting with the Cloud options has increased. For information or assistance on any of these courses or certifications, please do not hesitate to contact Activia Training.