Why Book Oracle 12c Training Independently?
Oracle is highly regarded as a leading database provider. Clients from SME to multinational organisations use Oracle for a range of services, including training through Oracle University. Whilst the Oracle University delivers a range of accomplished training courses, there is a growing demand for Oracle Database training with independent providers. Some people would still argue that it is always best to choose the official route when booking an Oracle course... so, what are the benefits of using an independent provider for Oracle 12c training?

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Independent training providers might not always be large organisations in comparison to their blue-chip counterpart, but this leaner approach means they are highly flexible and can react quickly to each client’s needs. A major benefit any client will experience is ease of use and flexibility when tailoring content for on-site / closed courses.

Independent providers have experienced technical trainers who have an in-depth understanding of the Oracle database. Their design and development skills are utilised in the development of the complete range of Oracle courses to meet both practical and certification requirements. This knowledge and experience enables them to work closely with the client’s technical teams with the focus always on understanding and meeting the client’s training needs. Courses can be designed to meet specific training requirements, rather than using a generic course that may cover unnecessary material or topics that are already understood by the client.

As with all systems, the Oracle 12c database has a vast range of technical features with some being more relevant to one client than another. Independent providers give you the opportunity to develop a course that is personalised to your organisation; not only enabling you to gain value for your money, but also gives you the assurance that the time your staff are away from the office to train is effective and utilised to its full potential.

When looking at public scheduled courses, independent providers are a lot more flexible when deciding if a course will run with low numbers. Typically, they are smaller organisations having built their business by developing strong working relationships with their clients. This close relationship enables them to gain an understanding of their clients’ business demands and how important it is for courses to run for their technical teams. It is not unheard of for independent Oracle courses to run with as little as 1 delegate, this level of service is highly unlikely when booking official Oracle training.

Oracle training

Independent training companies are incresingly becoming more successful and utlised in the market due to the flexibility, knowledge and passion they bring to the training industry.

Bugs, Fixes and Sales Messages

No software release is perfect, but who would want to talk about the negatives of their own product?

Being independent allows trainers to give their personal and professional opinion. They provide impartial and unbiased advice during their course deliveries, because they have no ties to the product or the branding of the technology. The independent’s ambition is to make sure their clients are trained on all aspects of the software; this will include discussing any bugs, fixes and updates that may not be included in official Oracle courses.

Trainers can freely give their honest opinion on the various database features (without any sales pitches). They will provide non-biased advice whilst highlighting the many positive features of the Oracle database alongside those that may be less beneficial. The trainers are not only there to help you to learn about the product, they can also provide guidance in all aspects of the product so you are secure in the knowledge that you have the right products for your business needs. Their invaluable advice will help you identify the right solutions with the products you have available to you ensuring your Oracle database is an economical and efficient product for your business.

Flexibility on Price

Independent suppliers of Oracle training are not bound by the large vendor pricing structures as they are not reselling other vendors’ products. The outcome will give you an extremely favourable pricing structure, in some instances up to half the price when compared with Oracle.

What about Certification?

Becoming an Oracle Certified Administrator (OCA) and an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is an important requirement for many DBAs. Oracle have created a pathway of courses to gain the skills and knowledge required to work towards achieving certification. Whilst there is a myth that a DBA would have to attend all courses through Oracle to be able to gain certifications; this is definitely not the case. DBAs can attend any Oracle recommended courses with an independent provider (who maps courses closely to those of Oracle) to become OCA Certified.

Oracle certification pathway

To become OCP Certified, DBAs can attend any Oracle recommended courses with an independent provider. However, as stipulated by Oracle they must attend one qualifying course with Oracle University or at an Oracle Authorised Education Centre or Authorised Partner to gain their OCP certification. Whether you are a contractor paying for your own course and/or a large organisation, you will see a substantial difference in price when exploring the Independent option.