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ILM Approved Training from Activia

Leadership & management training of the highest standards of content and quality

What is the ILM?

The ILM is Europe's foremost provider of leadership and management qualifications, with high standards of accreditation that ensure its approved courses are relevant to the workplace and provide real benefits in learning and skills improvements.

This is especially useful in today's business environment, where the excess of choice requires a benchmark against which they can be easily assessed.

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How does an ILM-approved training provider help you?

ILM-approved training providers are recognised for their ability to deliver the highest standards of training through effective course content, professional trainers and quality procedures. Stringent requirements for training providers include:

  • Detailed inspection and approval of the content of each course
  • Definition of the relevance and structure of each programme
  • Ongoing management by the provider of quality and delivery by full-time, ILM-accredited staff
  • Continuing external assessment of each provider by the ILM

What are the benefits of ILM-approved training?

There are traditionally two ways to conduct training:

  • Obtaining qualifications   Offered by traditional learning establishments, and appear to be the "gold standard", but actually they are rarely effective in meeting business needs.
    Why? They are expensive, time-consuming, and compel delegates to cover a standard syllabus which cannot possibly target the varied needs of business

  • Non-accredited training   This can be tailored to company needs in both duration and content, and arevery cost effective.
    But there is no quality control of content, and the absence of a "pass or fail" means that delegates are under no pressureto give of their best.

Activia's training courses are organised in one-day sessions, so they can be taken in a "mix and match" format where subjects are tailored directly to business needs.   And with the final step of assessment, each delegate is highly motivated to attempt to get the most from the training.

Click for more about Activia's ILM Development Awards


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