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Crystal Reports XI Advanced

A 2-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This highly intensive two-day training course has been designed to teach existing users of Crystal Reports X1 how to use more advanced techniques and features to create complex reports and data sources.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for people who know how to create basic list and group reports and need to create reports that include subreports, cross-tabs, advanced formulas, and charts based on more than one data series. They may also need to build tools to make it easier for other people to create reports. Delegates should be familiar with the content covered in the Crystal Reports XI Introduction course. A knowledge of programming and/or SQL would also be helpful.

Setup of PCs for training

PCs used for training should have the Microsoft Windows operating system, with Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office (with printer drivers for Print Preview) and Adobe Reader installed.

Course Outline
This course is a 2-day training course structured into 9 modules.
Module 1
Creating Running Totals
Topics covered
  • Create a Running Total Field
  • Modify a Running Total Field
  • Create a Manual Running Total on Detail Data
  • Create a Manual Running Total on Summary Data
  • Module 2
    Building Cross-tabs in Your Report
    Topics covered
  • Create a Cross-tab
  • Create a Specified Group Order
  • Filter a Cross-tab by Group
  • Change the Cross-tab Format
  • Conditionally Format Rows and Columns
  • Keep Groups Together
  • Module 3
    Adding Subreports
    Topics covered
  • Insert a Subreport
  • Link a Subreport to a Primary Report
  • Edit a Subreport's Structure
  • Format a Subreport Using the Format Editor
  • Share Variables Between Subreports and Primary Reports
  • Create an On-demand Subreport
  • Module 4
    Creating Drill-downs
    Topics covered
  • Create a Drill-down
  • Create Separate Headings for Drill-down Data
  • Module 5
    Enhancing Report Processing by Writing SQL Statements
    Topics covered
  • Create a Report Using SQL Queries
  • Summarize Report Data Using SQL Aggregate Functions
  • Create Joins Using SQL
  • Create Subqueries
  • Create a SQL Expression Field
  • Module 6
    Charting Data
    Topics covered
  • Create a Bar Chart
  • Modify a Chart
  • Format a Chart
  • Create a Chart Template
  • Create a Top N Chart
  • Create a Cross-tab Chart
  • Module 7
    Reporting on Excel Data with Crystal Reports
    Topics covered
  • Create a Report Based on Excel Data
  • Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
  • Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data
  • Module 8
    Working with Prompts
    Topics covered
  • Create a Static Prompt
  • Create a Dynamic Prompt
  • Module 9
    Enhancing Report Functionality
    Topics covered
  • Group Data Hierarchically
  • Create a Dynamic Image
  • Create a Report Alert
  • Create a Geographic Map

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