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 Personal Development Tests from Activia 

 Find out how you score, and how to improve, on skills that are essential for work – and life itself! 
Home Personal Development Tests

Quick Tests for Fun and Self Development

Take a look at these tests: they are here to help you: quick, anonymous, with a free downloadable report to see how you rate, and how to improve.
Are they effective?   Feedback is FANTASTIC!   So why not have a go?

How Can You Communicate Better?

  • Aren't BAD communications the cause of many problems?
  • And wouldn't it be good to get tips on how to ?
  • If we communicate well, life is so much smoother
  • And your communication style will show how you can improve
Ever wonder how well you communicate?
Click to take the test !

How Much Do People Really Like You?

  • Don't we all want to be liked by those around us?
  • And maybe see how we measure up in our likeability?
  • If we're likeable, we enjoy life, and get things done
  • And likeability is amazingly easy to analyse...
Ever wonder how likeable you REALLY are?
Click to take the test !

How Can You Stop Wasting Time?

  • Would you like to get more done in the time you have?
  • Are there clues in the way you approach situations?
  • We all have habits or approaches that waste time
  • And it's easy to get some "quick wins" to improve
See how to get more out of YOUR time.
Click to take the test !

Are You Passive, Aggressive or Assertive?

  • Each of us falls into one (usually more) of these groups
  • This behaviour affects how we relate to people
  • It also plays a big part in how easily we get things done
  • ... and success in our work, home, or social lives

Find out which category YOU fall into.
Click to take the test !

Fun with a Serious Side

Yes, you get a score so you can see yourself, as you are right now.

But you also get a downloadable, personalised PDF report that gives you great ideas on how to improve your results (and help your career, life, etc).

Each test takes about three minutes, so why not give it a shot?

[NOTE: these are all totally anonymous and NO personal data is collected. You don't need to give a name, town or email address. So good luck: they are designed to help you, with no strings attached...]

Personal Development Training

At Activia, we provide a range of personal development training courses which have been designed to have a real impact on every aspect of your life, and will enhance your relationships as well as your productivity.

We'll teach you how to get organised, improve your self-management, get your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner, and even get on better with other people!

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