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Find answers to your questions about the online courses we offer

FREE Microsoft Office online course!

Our great new course has modules for Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Access and Outlook, and yes, it's all FREE!

You can take advantage – and start learning in 5 minutes.   All you need to do is click to get your course.

Microsoft Office online course

What would you like to know?

Finding the right provider for your e-learning is a daunting task, but we hope you now feel you're in the right place because all our courses have been proven to work in the classroom over many years.

But then the's the business of getting started, isn't there?

Well, we've made the process as simple as possible, with our simple "click to buy" screens.

But there are often more questions that people want to ask first, so here are those we get asked most often.


Frequently asked questions

How long will each course take?
Each course is the equivalent of a day's classroom training. In the absence of other delegates, Q&A sessions and general interaction, e-learning usually takes about half this time to watch the videos (with maybe a bit of re-winding and re-viewing).

Do I get a certificate?
Yes: At the end of each module is a test, and when you have completed the course, and have achieved the pass mark, you can download your personalised Diploma. If you buy a Multi-Pack, you can get a Diploma for each course in the Pack.

Can I redo the tests?
Yes, you can revisit the modules you need to improve on, redo the tests (only those you want or need to) and (subject to your score) download a new Diploma

How many times can I use the license?
You are able to view each module 40 times in the course of a year.   So if your course has eight modules, that adds up to 320 module views.
When you download your Diploma, transcripts and (if you have paid for them) workbooks and exercises, you keep them for ever.

Will it work on my device?
With Microsoft courses, you need the screen resolution of a PC or laptop (yes, a MacBook is OK too). But don't try to use on a mobile or tablet.

What software do I need?
None, apart from a Flash player to watch the videos, and a PDF reader to view the downloaded documents. If you buy an A2 or D2 Pack, you will need the relevant application software (e.g. Excel, Project, etc) to use the exercises.

How long before I can start learning?
The process is simple: buy and pay for the software, and you can be learning online in five minutes.

Can my company be invoiced rather than pay online?
For orders in excess of £100 excluding VAT, we can invoice first, but activation codes are only issued when the invoice is paid

What support do you give?
We provide email support from a dedicated e-learning support team, accessible from links on the e-learning pages.

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