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Train the Trainer: Being an Effective Trainer

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This intensive, hands-on one-day workshop gives delegates an understanding of the characteristics of, and methods used by, the most successful trainers.
By the end of this workshop, delegates will:

  • Understand what makes a successful trainer
  • Know the different types of trainer
  • Be able to improve their skills in the key areas of questioning, lisening and presentation
  • Who Should Attend

    The course is designed for trainers, both new and experienced, who wish to improve their skills in a structured way so that they are more effective in getting results from the training they deliver.

    Course Outline
    This course is a 1-day training course structured into 10 modules.
    Module 1
    Introduction and Course Overview
    Module 2
    The Basics of Being an Effective Trainer
    Learning outcomes
    Understand how to be a successful trainer, what kinds of common mistakes trainers make, how to address them and how to stimulate a willingness to learn.
    Topics covered
  • What is a Trainer?
  • Characteristics of a Successful Trainer
  • Common Mistakes and Solutions
  • Stimulating a Readiness to Learn
  • Module 3
    Case Study: Terry's Terrible Day
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to analyse and explore the reasons why a training session can go wrong using a case study example.
    Module 4
    Types of Trainers
    Learning outcomes
    Differentiate between and understand the characteristics of the different types of trainer styles.
    Topics covered
  • Systematic Trainer
  • Directive Trainer
  • Facilitative Trainer
  • Interactive Trainer
  • Module 5
    Trainer Style: Being Normal
    Learning outcomes
    Know the importance of delivering training in a natural and comfortable style, and how to put this into action.
    Topics covered
  • Being Genuine
  • Being Humble
  • Module 6
    Communication Skills for Training
    Learning outcomes
    Learn how to develop and demonstrate clear, effective communications skills.
    Topics covered
  • Good Communicators
  • Your Role as an Effective Communicator
  • Module 7
    Questioning Skills for Trainers
    Learning outcomes
    Understand and develop clear questioning skills using specific elements of communication.
    Topics covered
  • Open Questions vs Closed Questions
  • Probing: Digging Deeper
  • Questioning as a Training Technique
  • Module 8
    Listening Skills for Trainers
    Learning outcomes
    Understand and use active listening skills, and be able to spot when you are not doing this.
    Topics covered
  • Your Listening Skills
  • Active Listening Skills in Training Sessions
  • Module 9
    Presentation Skills in Training
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to plan presentations, demonstrate confidence in delivering them, and recognise and overcome nervousness.
    Topics covered
  • Presentation Tips
  • Telling vs Showing
  • Overcoming Nerves
  • Module 10
    Your Personal Action Plan

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