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Train the Trainer: Delivering a Great Training Session

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This intensive, hands-on one-day workshop teaches delegates how to deliver training courses in a way that will make them interesting, enjoyable and highly effective. By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Use team teaching and develop participation
  • Understand the use of visual aids and supporting materials
  • Use games to add fun and humour
  • Deal with difficult situations, conflict and difficult delegates
  • Who Should Attend

    The course is designed for trainers, both new and experienced, who want to improve their delivery skills in a structured and organised way so that the courses they run will be more enjoyable and much more productive.

    Course Outline
    This course is a 1-day training course structured into 14 modules.
    Module 1
    Introduction and Course Overview
    Module 2
    Setting the Climate
    Learning outcomes
    Know how to facilitate an atmosphere that is conducive to learning in the session.
    Topics covered
  • Simple Rules to Make the Session Positive
  • Module 3
    Team Teaching
    Learning outcomes
    Consider how team teaching can help share the delivery of a session and stimulate and encourage delegate participation.
    Topics covered
  • Team Teaching
  • Module 4
    Developing Participation in Training
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to identify methods to encourage participation in training and recognise and remove indicators of poor participation.
    Topics covered
  • Removing Barriers to Participation
  • Enhancing Participation
  • Module 5
    Managing Questions and Answers
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise how to manage Q&A in a session, how to respond to questions and deal with unnecessary interruptions.
    Topics covered
  • Objectives of the Question and Answer Period
  • Guidelines for Handling Questions
  • Module 6
    Visual Aids
    Learning outcomes
    Understand how to incorporate commonly used visual aids into training delivery and make them appropriate and relevant.
    Topics covered
  • Benefits of Visual Aids
  • Popular Visual Aids
  • Other Types of Visual Aids
  • Background Considerations
  • Exercise: Visual Aids and Your Training
  • Module 7
    Supporting Materials
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise when to use supporting materials and what to include in them for supplementary or additional support.
    Topics covered
  • Delegate Workbooks
  • Handouts
  • Exercise: Supporting Materials for Your Training
  • Module 8
    Games: Adding Fun and Humour
    Learning outcomes
    Know when games and humour are appropriate, rationalise when games add value and deal with any difficulties.
    Topics covered
  • Humour: Be CREATIF!
  • The Use of Games
  • Types of Games
  • Getting Buy-In
  • Troubleshooting: When Games Go Wrong
  • Quick and Easy Games
  • Module 9
    Difficult Situations: An Overview
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to deal professionally with challenges that trainers encounter when delivering training.
    Topics covered
  • Potential Problems with Training Sessions
  • Module 10
    Managing Conflict in Training
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to recognise the warning signs of conflict and relate them to task / process difficulties and manage these successfully.
    Topics covered
  • Warning Signs of Conflict
  • Causes of Conflict in Training
  • Module 11
    Managing Difficult Situations
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise when to draw on your 'toolkit' of techniques to prevent or effectively manage a difficult situation.
    Topics covered
  • Your Toolkit for Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Confronting Difficulties
  • Module 12
    Dealing with Difficult Trainees
    Learning outcomes
    Know how to identify challenging delegates / trainees, and how to deal with them professionally and diplomatically.
    Topics covered
  • Characteristics of Difficult Delegates
  • Module 13
    Are You Ready For Anything ?
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise that you can't plan for every eventuality when delivering training, and develop ways to deal with this.
    Topics covered
  • Addressing Your Concerns
  • Module 14
    Your Personal Action Plan

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