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Train the Trainer: Developing a Structured Training Programme

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This intensive, hands-on one-day workshop deals with the process of developing a training programme.
By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise when a training need exists for an organisation
  • Understand the basic rules of designing a training programme
  • Use SMART / PPP objectives
  • Write clear, concise training objectives
  • Incorporate relevant methods into the design of a training session
  • Know how and where to research training content
  • Create evaluation strategies
  • Use Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation
  • Who Should Attend

    The course is designed for trainers and HR professionals who want to develop programmes that are meaningful, practical, and will benefit both trainees and the organisations they work for.

    Course Outline
    This course is a 1-day training course structured into 12 modules.
    Module 1
    Introduction and Course Overview
    Module 2
    The Need for Training
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise when there is a need for training and define training needs.
    Topics covered
  • Organisational Objectives
  • When is Training Necessary?
  • Defining Training Needs
  • ICE: Analysis in Three Steps
  • Module 3
    Basic Rules of Programme Design
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to design a programme that is balanced, involved and allows for progression to further learning.
    Topics covered
  • Moderation
  • Balance
  • Involvement
  • Continue Your Learning
  • The Need for Collaboration
  • Module 4
    SMART Objectives
    Learning outcomes
    Understand the importance of SMART objectives and know how to use them when designing a training programme.
    Topics covered
  • Defining SMART
  • The Three Ps
  • Exercise: Improving Goals
  • Module 5
    Learning Objectives
    Learning outcomes
    Know how to define and write clear objectives, using correct language in relation to the training need.
    Topics covered
  • Determining Objectives
  • Considerations When Writing Objectives
  • Types of Objectives: KSAs
  • Setting the Scope
  • Exercise: Verbs for Writing Clear, Concise Training Objectives
  • Developing Objectives
  • Module 6
    Designing a Training Session
    Learning outcomes
    Select appropriate training methods, determine what constraints may impact your design and be able to use a training sequence.
    Topics covered
  • Training Methods
  • Constraints on Methods Used
  • Designing a Learning Sequence
  • Module 7
    Researching and Developing Content
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to determine what content to include and research this from appropriate and relevant areas.
    Topics covered
  • Researching Content
  • Exercise: Availability of Information in Your Area of Training
  • Module 8
    Tips for Good Training Design
    Learning outcomes
    Know how to determine the flow of your session, protect your comfort level and maintain the focus and involvement of your participants.
    Topics covered
  • Elements of Good Training Design
  • Module 9
    Evaluation Strategies
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to identify and analyse the various types of feedback and evaluation methods and choose which is best for your purpose.
    Topics covered
  • The Basics of Evaluation
  • Evaluation Methods
  • Module 10
    Kirkpatricks Four Levels of Evaluation
    Learning outcomes
    Understand and be able to use the theory behind Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation.
    Topics covered
  • Level One: Reaction
  • Level Two: Knowledge (Learning)
  • Level Three: Transfer of Learning (Behaviour)
  • Level Four: Impact (Results)
  • Module 11
    On-The-Job Support
    Learning outcomes
    Recognise what on-the-job support delegates may need to help them benefit from training and develop further skills.
    Topics covered
  • On-The-Job Support
  • Module 12
    Your Personal Action Plan

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