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Training for Train The Trainer from Activia

 Training The Trainer Courses with free eLearning revision after your training, bespoke course design for groups and pre-course online skills testing 
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Improve the effectiveness of your training and coaching

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Every company will benefit from Train the Trainer training because every company has internal training and coaching happening all the time.
Do not be constrained by the view that trainers are specialists in their fields: of course, this is often true, but there are many instances where line managers, supervisors or specialists need to pass on knowledge and skills to others in the organisation.
So everyone from full-time instructors to those providing occasional mentoring or guidance will gain invaluable skills from Train the Trainer training.

Train The Trainer Training Courses from Activia
Train the Trainer Fast Track

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Case Study: Terry's Terrible Day
  • Communication Skills for Training
  • Questioning Skills for Trainers
  • Listening Skills for Trainers
  • Presentation Skills in Training
  • Developing Participation in Training
  • Managing Questions and Answers
  • Games: Adding Fun and Humour
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Developing a Training Programme

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • The Need for Training
  • Basic Rules of Programme Design
  • SMART Objectives
  • Learning Objectives
  • Designing a Training Session
  • Researching and Developing Content
  • Tips for Good Training Design
  • Evaluation Strategies
  • Kirkpatricks Four Levels of Evaluation
  • On-The-Job Support
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Delivering an Effective Training Session

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Setting the Climate
  • Team Teaching
  • Developing Participation in Training
  • Managing Questions and Answers
  • Visual Aids
  • Supporting Materials
  • Games: Adding Fun and Humour
  • Difficult Situations: An Overview
  • Managing Conflict in Training
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Are You Ready For Anything ?
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Being an Effective Trainer

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • The Basics of Being an Effective Trainer
  • Case Study: Terry's Terrible Day
  • Types of Trainers
  • Trainer Style: Being Normal
  • Communication Skills for Training
  • Questioning Skills for Trainers
  • Listening Skills for Trainers
  • Presentation Skills in Training
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • The Overall Picture
  • The Organisation
  • Current Needs
  • Occupations and Jobs
  • The Individual
  • Bringing It All Together
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Coaching Skills to Get Results

[Duration: one day]


  • Course Introduction and Overview
  • Defining Coaching
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Self Disclosure
  • Critical Coaching Skills
  • More on Communication
  • Learning Styles and Principles
  • Benefits and Consequences
  • Skills Involved with Coaching
  • The Coaching Model
  • Feedback
  • Coaching Problems
  • Your Personal Action Plan





Laura Hannah, Jul 13 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"thanks Ivor " Darren Snodgrass, Jul 6 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Excellent trainer, enthusiastic, well prepared, energetic and very friendly." Christopher Shaw , Jul 6 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Excellant Presenter " Tyrone Ashbyq , Jul 6 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Friendly helpful trainer with good technique. " Darren Snodgrass, Jul 5 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Thank you for a very good course, will take what I have learned over the past 3 days (tips, and visual aids) and incorporate in future training courses. so helping me to became a more confident trainer in the future. " Christopher Shaw , Jul 5 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Many thanks for aa good course" Samantha Cossey, Jul 1 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Trainer - Caroline - was brilliant. She remained friendly, confident and was very knowledgeableand professional. Would recommend." Cheri Stephen , Jul 1 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"excellent trainer ,thoroughly enjoyed the day, would definately recommend activia!" Kate Fuller , Jul 1 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Caroline was very friendly, welcoming and professional. Very approachable and easy to talk too! Thank you for an excellent training course. " Robyn Jobson, Jul 1 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"It was a well structured course, and the day was interesting." Harmesh Banga , Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"I feel that the way the training was conducted was great and Roy has a knack to be able to train well and make his delegates feel comfortable. The way he asked questions and the way he probed to get the answer from the individual was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it." Rahul Chaudhari, Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"I have not expected that I will gain so much from a one day training. The training was much more than what was expected by me. Thank you!" ANU SONI , Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Trainer was excellent. learnt a lot from this course." darrren langstone , Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"enjoyed Roy's delivery of the course, " Miss Raman Rindi , Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"yes. I would like to thank activia for developing such an informative course that has helped me change my understanding in ways of communicating with different types of individuals and how to measure feedback effect6ivly by using open and close questions. and I would also like to thank Roy for a wonderful job he did."


Resources to make your training easier to organise

FREE Training & Coaching resources
General resources: click to view

FREE Skills Check
See where your training needs lie: click to view

FREE Bespoke Course Creator
Build your own bespoke course: click to view


Additional content that may be of interest to you

What is the Purpose of a Trainer?
See how, in today's rapidly changing business world, using your own trainer can help your business grow: read more

How Does Train the Trainer Work?
Find out how the train the trainer model works and which course would be the most suitable for your needs: read more

Benefits of Train the Trainer Courses
Learn how train the trainer training can improve the performance of you and your company: read more

The Most Common Train the Trainer Mistakes
Read about some of the most common mistakes trainers make during training ... and how to avoid them: read more

What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Trainer?
Find out the most useful qualities of an effective trainer, and see why it really does matter: read more



Assessing Training Needs – If you are responsible for developing the skills of a group or groups of people, a Training Needs Analysis is an important basis for your work.
Training Needs Analysis teaches you how to identify the training and development needs of your organisation, the groups within it and the individuals who work there.

Preparing Your Programme – It is important to develop programmes that are meaningful, practical, and will benefit both trainees and your organisation.
Developing a Structured Training Programme shows you how to set objectives, design programmes and sessions, and use evaluation to assess and improve.

Training Delivery – There are ways to enhance your own style and the format of the training that will bring your sessions to life.
Delivering a Great Training Session teaches you how to deliver training courses in a way that makes them interesting, enjoyable and highly effective.

You as a Trainer – Successful trainers can work in different ways, but they will all use the same key skills that are necessary to get the most from their audience.
Being an Effective Trainer enables you to improve your skills in a structured way so that you are more effective in getting results from the training you deliver.

Fast Track Training – We also take the essential elements of the above three courses and condense them into an intensive one-day workshop
Train the Trainer Essentials focuses on practical techniques and disciplines required for a training role, and develops communication and key tutoring skills.

On-The-Job Training – Very often, structured classes are either not possible or impractical: in these situations, hands-on coaching is the most effective option.
Coaching Skills provides a practical understanding of how to give both support and challenging opportunities to employees, and knowing how and when to coach.

More about training with Activia

With Activia, you can check your skill level (click the yellow "FREE tools and resources" button on the right) which ensures you book on the correct course.   This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

You can also build your own Training & Coaching course (click the yellow "FREE tools and resources" button on the right) to suit your own or your company project requirements, incorporating the modules which cover the subjects you want to learn.

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We have been delivering training the trainer courses all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of training for Train the Trainer to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in Train the Trainer training course.

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