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An extremely scientific study of the relationship between beer consumption and living wages across the world.

The National Minimum Wage across the World

The UK has recently increased the national minimum wage for employees aged 25 or more, becoming the top European country in terms of minimum salary workers can receive.

An adult Brit now earns at least £7.20 per hour

UK ranks first in Europe, second in the world for minimum living wage value

National Living Wage
Hourly National Living Wage
  Beer Glasses
The Czech Republic led all other nations in per-capita beer
consumption for the 20th consecutive year.
(Beer consumption per capita is the number of liters consumed within a year by one person)
Beer Consumption Per Capita Beer Consumption Per Capita
  Guy Drinking
Is there a correlation between the living wage and beer consumption?
In Australia and Netherlands there appears to be a direct correlation between the two factors: higher wages correspond to higher amount of beer consumed.
National Living Wage vs Beer Consumption

Beer Consumpstion vs National Living Wage
Interestingly, the Czech Republic has the lowest living wage, but the highest beer consumption per capita. In France, on the other hand people earn among the highest wages, but they tend to drink much less beer, preferring wine instead.
  Beer Glasses
Is there a correlation between the national living wage and how well trained the workforce is?
While British workers spend a good amount of money on beer, British employers invest very little money in training the workforce, especially when taking into account the national living wages paid.
National Living Wage vs Investment in Training
Investment in Training vs National Living Wage
So... is there a relation between investment in training and beer consumption?
France, Belgium and USA are the top countries in terms of investing in their workforce, whereas UK businesses invest much less in training.
Brits prefer spending money on drinking beer!
Investment in Training vs Beer Consumption
Investment in Training vs Beer Consumption

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