Interview with Productivity Guru and Performance Coach Mofoluwaso Ilevbare
Mofoluwaso IlevbareMofoluwaso Ilevbare is a confidence and peak performance coach who works with corporate executives, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs seeking excellence at work without compromising on faith, family, and legacy. She is a member of the John Maxwell Team and Cherie Blair Mentor. Her specialty is to ignite courage to dare, dream and deliver - so you can be unstoppable at work and in life.

Hi Mofoluwaso, thank you for joining us on Activia’s Expert Insights!

Thanks for having me!

As well as being an author, you are also a life coach – have you always wanted to help others with their personal development? 

The answer is yes, as far back as I can remember -  but of course a 4 year old knows nothing about the words "personal development". I only remember always ending up as the class prefect back in school, organising the class, explaining what the teacher said, taking over when the teacher was out of the class and things like that. I have seen applied knowledge shift and change lives, so yes, I'm in the business of life and living!

Your new e-book, Uplift Your Productivity: 9 Strategies To Maximise Your Time and Optimise Your Life, was released late last year. Could you give us an insight into the book? 

The concept of time management, of course, has been around for years. I remember having my own personal alarm clock from as early as nine years old, when I was preparing for my entrance examination into high school. I read, slept, ate, and played, all the while with a clock in my bag reminding me that I had deadlines and I mustn‘t let my parents nor myself down. The past decade has seen thousands of books and techniques written to help us regulate our lives a bit more efficiently from sunrise to sunset, yet very few people have been truly successful at conquering time-thieves. Maybe this is because time management as it's understood and discussed these days, is overrated. I don't mean this in the context of the importance of time management, but in the context of our paradigms. It is like hacking at the leaves of a stubborn weed every time it becomes a nuisance while constantly ignoring the root cause.

My goal with this easy-to-digest book (and I promise you it will not take too much of your time) is to gently usher you into what I call a productive lifestyle, where uplifting your productivity at work and life becomes an unconscious competence - regular habits that make you more confident daily at work, in your business, and your life and in the lives of your loved ones, so you can truly live a more robust life. A productive lifestyle is a combination of your personal style, productivity tools, some enabling skills you can acquire, and a secret ingredient which I will share at the end of this book.

Uplift Your Productivity by Mofoluwaso IlevbareThere are hundreds of time management and productivity books out there – what makes your book unique?

This short read saves you all the drama and outlines, in simple steps, what you can start doing differently today. Mere knowledge isn't power. It is applied knowledge that produces power. This book makes it easy for you to find the inertia to change your life, even if you've tried seventy times before. If all you do is take one of the strategies per week or per month, you'd get the results my clients and I are getting.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

This book came out of preparations for a workshop I was to facilitate at a global conference in Rome last summer. The testimonials from the participants say it all. So, my goal this year is to publish a book for every conference I will be speaking at, (I've got one a month for now).

So, instead of handing out business cards, I hope to hand out Kindle books at $0.99 or even for free. So watch out - 12 books, 12 months, from goal setting and living a confident life, to creating habits that last, and work-life balance. You can follow my Facebook page to know the dates I launch each one.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to improve their productivity?

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not productive at all and 10 being super productive, how would you rate yourself? Start from acknowledging where you are right now, then figure out where you really want to be, what you really want to do, how you really want to live your life, then decide on one baby step you can start to take to move you from your current state to your desired state.

Out of all the tips and tricks mentioned in Uplift Your Productivity, which ones do you personally find the most useful?

Uplift Your Why... the bedrock of them all. Find your "pull" in life and let it drive your daily decisions. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a fulfilled life.

What is YOUR biggest time waster, and how do you overcome this?

The more self aware I become, the more I see time wasters and the quicker I deal with them. So, I won't say I'm a perfect guru. One ritual I do at the end of every year is ensure I start with open space: an open mind, an empty inbox, less clothes, less worries, I detox my relationships (cut off whatever has not added value to me) so that I can be free to embrace new opportunities ahead of me.

What is the first step for overcoming procrastination?

I believe the first step to overcoming procrastination is to acknowledge in that moment that you are procrastinating. What happens most times is some people are in denial consciously or unconsciously but until you realise it you can;t even start dealing with it. However, not all procrastination is bad - sometimes you can give yourself permission to procrastinate but even then it takes a high level of self awareness of pros and cons to make that decision. So, my first advice is to acknowledge it.

Besides time management, what other factors help boost your productivity?

It's not really about time management, the clock keeps ticking, it is about life management - that is, how you bring more depth and value into your life in the little time we've been given every day. Creating life resolutions (not New Year resolutions) that are compatible with your purpose and core values in life can help boost your productivity. You'd soon realise that some friends don't fit any more, some distractions don't matter any more, and you have more control over what brings you joy and happiness.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

As Rabbi Nachman once said, “if you won’t be better tomorrow than today, then what do you need today for?”

Every day is another opportunity to add value to tomorrow by eliminating things that do not matter. The more productive you are, the more valuable you are to yourself, your loved ones, your community and the world around you. Uplift your productivity, change your life! Are you ready to get started?

Mofoluwaso's book, Uplift Your Productivity: 9 Strategies To Maximize Time And Optimize Your Life, is available to order now on Amazon. If you'd like to connect with her, you can find Mofoluwaso on Twitter at @folusoilevbare.