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Job Skills Training Courses to Boost Quality & Productivity
Job Skills Training Courses to Boost Quality & Productivity


Your place for workplace skills improvement

Job / Career Skills training delivered at 11 UK locations or at your offices
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Unlike general business skills or interpersonal skills, these skills are non-transferable and specific to a given job, area of expertise or career path -- for example, customer service and receptionist skills. Skills taught here increase competence and knowledge that, unlike more generic skills, such as assertiveness or time management, reflect your expertise and knowledge in a specific field.


Customer Service

We have 1 course for Customer Service training:

  • Customer Service Excellence
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Customer Service training

Receptionist Skills

We have 1 course for Receptionist Skills training:

  • Professional Receptionist Skills

Why are Job/Career Skills Important?

Developing job skills is critical for a number of reasons. Not only is this necessary in order for anyone to keep up with changes within their chosen career, but it is also essential for the running of a thriving, successful company where staff perform to the best of their ability.

Career skills training is a great way to expand your own knowledge, while contributing to the company's overall success at the same time. Sharpening up job skills, regardless of the profession or industry, will allow anyone to perform their role in a more efficient way. Benefits from career training include significant improvements in confidence, reliability, consistency and of course motivation. Better knowledge and skills also means that people will become more self-reliant, needing less supervision and guidance for their work.

All in all, enabling employees to acquire new skills and expertise will create an environment where the organisation they work for, all benefit from a happier, more productive, and more attractive workplace.

How Can Activia's Courses Help You?

Our aim is to help you develop your job-specific skills and become a better employee. Regardless of which field you work in, our courses will help you become more efficient at your job and consistently produce high quality work. We provide you with specific exercises to help you build your knowledge even further, and our trainer will help you to develop a personal action plan to put it all into action and monitor your progress. And, if you have any questions during the class, our trainer will be very happy to help.

With Activia, delegates can check their skill level which ensures they book on the correct course. This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

We can also tailor your Job / Career Skills training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.


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