Training for Change Management from Activia

Effective Change Management

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This one-day workshop is designed to enhance delegates' understanding of change, to make them better equipped to analyse the factors at play in their own particular circumstances, and to adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance.

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, who want to be able to deal effectively with the consequences of, and manage the process of, change.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 11 modules.
Module 1
Course Overview
Module 2
What is Change?
Module 3
The Change Cycle
Topics covered
  • The Three Phases
  • Endings
  • Transitions/Neutral Zone
  • Beginnings
  • Insights
  • Module 4
    Who Moved My Cheese?
    Topics covered
  • Hem and Haw's Journey of Loss
  • Module 5
    The Pyramid Response to Change
    Topics covered
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Employees/Workers/Associates
  • Module 6
    A Four Room Apartment
    Topics covered
  • Contentment - Renewal - Denial - Confusion
  • Module 7
    Dealing with Resistance
    Topics covered
  • Empathy: The First Key to Successful Change
  • Participation: The Second Key to Successful Change
  • Communication: The Third Key to Successful Change
  • Module 8
    Strategies for Dealing With Change
    Topics covered
  • How to Change Negative Situations or Avoid Them Altogether
  • Module 9
    Managing Anger
    Topics covered
  • The Five Dimensions
  • Module 10
    Managing Stress
    Topics covered
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Module 11
    Your Personal Action Plan

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