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Management Training Courses that Help To Drive Results
Management Training Courses that Help To Drive Results


Management Training

training delivered at 11 UK locations or at your offices, with free e-learning revision
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By taking a look at any successful business, you'll see that they have professional management at the top of the ladder. These managers help them to survive and thrive. All successful companies know that monitoring performance, supercharging efficiency and improving control is crucial to thriving in the business world. Ensuring that management is continually improved is imperative to gaining an advantage over competitors. If you're not sure where your management training is at right now, you're probably missing out on what it can do for you. At Activia, we're here to help you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for further information!


Management Skills

We have 4 courses for Management Skills training:

  • Effective Change Management
  • Performance Management: Foundation
  • Performance Management: Beyond the Basics
  • Effective Decision Making

Performance Management

We have 2 courses for Performance Management training:

  • Motivating Staff to Get Results
  • Managing Staff Performance

Supervisor Skills

We have 5 courses for Supervisor Skills training:

  • Developing and Building Teams
  • Fundamentals of Supervisor Skills
  • Team Development for Supervisors
  • Successful Facilitation Skills
  • Effective Delegation

HR and Coaching

We have 2 courses for HR and Coaching training:

  • HR for Non HR Managers
  • Coaching Skills to Get Results
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HR and Coaching training

Accounts & Finance

We have 1 course for Accounts & Finance training:

  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Why Does Your Business Need Management Training And Development?

Modern businesses are always calling for managers who are on the top of their game. Knowing which approach suits a particular situation, and being able to demonstrate skills with confidence is a must. A good manager has many skills, never stops learning, and can keep up morale in an office. It doesn't matter whether you have a newly appointed manager or an existing manager. Management training is going to develop their existing leadership styles and build on key skills. This can include things like stress management, motivation, and improving efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of Management Training And Development?

A management programme suited to your company can offer many benefits. Not only will your management improve, your whole workforce should become more efficient. Your staff may even seem happier in the workplace. Happy staff are scientifically proven to perform better. This makes for impressive results. When your staff know you care about their professional development, they are so much more likely to stick with you and work to the best of their abilities.

How Can Activia's Courses Assist You?

We've split our courses into sections so you can easily see what they entail and how they can assist you.

  • Management Skills - staff will be given an overview of roles in management. They'll also be advised on things like change and making important decisions
  • Project Management - this section will provide everything needed for scope, time management, and budget. Ideal for people who will be moving into the role in the near future
  • Managing People - performance management and motivation are crucial to get the most out of your team
  • Supervision and Teams - in this section, things like developing teams, supervising staff and delegation are covered
  • HR and Coaching - this section deals with coaching on the job, as well as HR practices for non-HR managers
  • Accounts and Finance - this section covers the importance of accounts and finance and how important they are to the survival of a business

Don't worry about getting on the right course either. We've got you covered! Here at Activia, we can check our courses against your skill level to ensure you have chosen the perfect one. This service is ideal when putting together tailored courses for large numbers of staff. We can help you get to the level you want to achieve with our friendly, helpful advice. We will help you to grow and improve your business like it's our own!

With Activia, delegates can check their skill level which ensures they book on the correct course. This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

We can also tailor your Management training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.




Alexander Juon, Course: Project Management Fast Track Mar 13 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "I thought this was a great course. It covered a lot of content without being overwhelming. The trainer came across as knowledgeable and was engaging in terms of answering questions and providing working examples where relevant. "

Terri Hamilton, Course: Project Management Fast Track Feb 7 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "Sue was excellent! She put me at ease straight away and tailored the course to my exact needs and confirmed my understanding all the way through. Would recommend this course to anyone starting in Project Management."

Scott Smith , Course: Performance Management: Foundation Feb 7 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "Would just like to express thanks to the trainer, Roy. He was extremely professional and tailored the course content so I could get the most from the day. A pleasure to meet him and receive training from him."

Michael Lynch, Course: Project Management Bespoke Feb 3 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "An excellent course."

Sian Wisdish, Course: Project Management Fast Track Jan 31 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "Simon that ran the course was amazing! totally engaging and his knowledge is fantastic - would recommend him time and time again!!!!!!"

David Webster, Course: Performance Management: Foundation Jan 24 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "A very informative enjoyable course, well delivered with lots of practical content."

Benjamin Hoyle, Course: Finance for Non-Finance Managers Jan 12 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "The course was extremely helpful and of great use."

Oladele Patrick Williams , Course: Project Management Fast Track Jan 5 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "The instructor was quite helpful and friendly."

Sarah Lynch , Course: Finance for Non-Finance Managers Jan 5 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Course tutor was really knowledgeable and helpful. Related the questions and subjects into meaningful terms for us to understand. "

Dipen Narendra Kumar, Course: Project Management Fast Track Dec 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Victoria is a great trainer and took time to explain concepts clearly and was really helpful. "

Lindsay Smith , Course: Performance Management: Beyond the Basics Dec 12 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Jane was excellent, the time flew by and she kept the pace and content interesting."

Jonathan Elwell, Course: Project Management Fast Track Nov 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Thanks to Bernadette for an enjoyable day. "

Sam Radford, Course: Project Management Fast Track Nov 29 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "I was very impressed with the training Bernie provided."

Nathalie Hoyle, Course: Project Management Fast Track Nov 29 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Thanks to Bernadette for an enjoyable course :)"

Waleed Gazzaz, Course: Project Management Tools Nov 17 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Thank you"



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We can enhance your skills with training for management at any of our twelve training centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices: if you have groups of three or more staff who need training, this is a very convenient, flexible and cost effective option. Moreover, most of our management courses are 1 day, which keeps "out of office" periods for attendees to a minimum.

We have been delivering management training all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of training courses for management to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in Training Courses for Management from Activia.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help with providing your management courses ?

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