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Access Training Courses: All Versions & Skill Levels


Microsoft Access Training

Training for Access 2007, 2010 and 2013 delivered in 11 UK locations or at your offices UK-wide
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Classroom training Classroom training

Classroom training is proven to give the best learning experience and knowledge retention. You have the benefit of a relaxed but professional learning environment, an experienced trainer and the opportunity to ask questions, so you are 100% sure you understand all the course content.

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Access Introduction

Access Introduction

[Duration: one day]

  • Getting Started with Access
  • The New Ribbon Interface
  • Creating a Simple Database
  • Forms; Queries; Reports and Filters


Access Intermediate

Access Intermediate

[Duration: one day]

  • Advanced File Tasks
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Forms
  • Working with Reports
  • Working with Queries


Access Advanced

Access Advanced

[Duration: one day]

  • Advanced Data Management
  • Advanced Form Tasks
  • Automating Reports
  • SQL and Microsoft Access
  • Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Finishing the Application

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Do you want the best? Here's how to get it!
Classroom training for MICROSOFT ACCESS
Classroom training provides the best learning experience and knowledge retention, and is the preferred choice if you want to really get to grips with the subject.
Our class sizes are always small, allowing lots of time for questions and discussion, so you come away with a full grasp of the content, ready to use it right away.
Options for Classroom Training
Scheduled Public Classes

Best for: 1 - 4 delegates

With 11 centres across the UK, we always have a full schedule of great courses at super prices.
And we don't cancel classes – even if you are the only delegate booked on the course!

Price Guide
  • Prices for public classes start at £199
  • Early Bird discounts can reduce the price to £139
  • For multiple delegates, prices can be as low as £109

If you don't see a course at the location, or on the date, you want, it is often possible to take advantage of our unique "Schedule Your Own" feature which is available from £199.

Book Online
It couldn't be easier with our full listings of classes and dates: just click here and reserve your place in two minutes.

Training at Your Offices

Best for: 3 or more delegates

A great option that's cost effective and easy to organise: just set up the training room and we come to you to deliver the content you want on the day you choose.

Price Guide
Prices for training at your offices starts at £479

Private Training at Our Centres

Best for: 3 or more delegates

If you want training away from your offices (and possible distractions), we can arrange a day at one of our centres with only your staff in attendance.

Price Guide
Prices for private Microsoft Access training at our centres varies, but generally starts at £529

Call us on 0333 6000 111 or request a callback so we can discuss your needs.

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Kay Blischke , Course: Access Intermediate Nov 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Great to get a one on one experience."

Naomi Crewe, Course: Access Introduction Nov 2 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Gareth was a really good trainer"

Siyana Dimova , Course: Access Introduction Oct 19 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Great course and instructor!"

Stuart Brown , Course: Access Introduction Oct 19 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Very good trainer"

Aqib Afzal , Course: Access Introduction Oct 19 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "the trainer was really informative "

Steve Downing , Course: Access Introduction Oct 12 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "The trainer, Chris, was very engaging and entertaining, and as such, kept attention and energy throughout the day."

Louise Sharp, Course: Access Introduction Aug 10 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "The trainer and the venue were great. Thanks to Lara!"

Abigail Rowlatt, Course: Access Intermediate Aug 2 2016
Course rating of 3 stars "As the only attendee I enjoyed being able to ask specific questions and have a one-on-one with a skilled trainer. She also took in to account what I said I was already familiar with and made a point not to go too detailed in these areas."

Danielle Roseweir, Course: Access Advanced Jun 29 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Gareth was a good trainer, very informative and took the time to ensure understanding and go over practical examples"

WALEED GAZZAZ , Course: Access Intermediate Jun 28 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Thank you and I would like to thank Mr.Gareth for his support and for passing on his knowledge in an effective way."

Simon Guy , Course: Access Introduction Jun 6 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Really enjoyed the training. Richard was a very good teacher who explained things in a way i understood."

Kayleigh Louise Senior, Course: Access Introduction Jun 6 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Steve was welcoming and a good teacher. Had a perfect day."

Leanne Wilby , Course: Access Introduction Jun 6 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "Just a massive thank you to Steve for guiding me through the training, he was a very good teacher and made the course so much easier to understand. "

Sam Roake , Course: Access Intermediate May 31 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Friendly atmosphere, good all round"

Lesley Barnes, Course: Access Introduction May 27 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Good trainer, patient and took the course at my pace."

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Resources to make your training easier to organise
FREE Skills Check
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FREE Bespoke Course Creator
Build your own bespoke course: click to view

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More content that may be of interest to you
Version history of MS Access
Changes introduced in the different versions of Microsoft Access: read more

Access 2007 new features
A look at the major upgrade brought about with Access 2007: read more

Access 2010 new features
Access 2010: building on the new interface from 2007: read more

Access 2013 new features
Access 2013: improvements in usability and collaboration: read more

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What we do, and how we work, to make sure you get the most from the courses you attend
Blended learning FREE E-learning Revision

With our latest Microsoft Access courses, you get free e-learning revision for 12 months after your class so you can reinforce the knowledge you have gained.
Use the right hand menu on this page to click on the course you want for more information.
Access is simple: go to and log in using your email address. This will give you free access to our e-learning revision modules.
Note: These have been developed and written exclusively by Activia to maximise effectiveness, by matching the e-learning exactly to what you cover in class. We hope you have fun, on the day of the course and with honing your knowledge afterwards!

Microsoft Access is one of the more advanced programmes in the Microsoft Office suite, and is used to build powerful databases with relatively little effort. The aoftware is extremely versatile, and uses can range from linking simple data lists to fully functional accounts and invoicing systems.

But of all the Microsoft Office applications, Access needs to be set up and used in the correct way. It is possible to teach yourself up to a point, but once an application starts to be used, the effects of not following best practice can have serious consequences. By attending an Activia training course, delegates will learn the correct way to set up, run and develop database applications, with no fear of problems later on.

Are you taking advantage of what Access can offer?

About Microsoft Access

Access is a Relational Database Management System (or RDBMS for short). As you may know, all databases store information -- but Access is a relational system, in that it links together data stored in separate lists, or tables. As an example, one table could contain a list of customers while another might show orders placed. A connection would be made via an account number or ID appearing in both tables, thus enabling the application to recognise and work with the shared relationship.

Our Approach

Activia courses are fully interactive, and tailored workbooks enable delegates to fully engage with the course material, and use the software to develop their skills, all under the tuition of an experienced and helpful trainer. Our fees are competitive too and can easily be accommodated into your training budget.

More about training with Activia

With Activia, you can check your skill level (click here to view our Tools and Resources) which ensures you book on the correct course.   This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

You can also build your own Microsoft Access course (click here to view our Tools and Resources) to suit your own or your company project requirements, incorporating the modules which cover the subjects you want to learn.


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We can enhance your skills with Microsoft Access software training at any of our twelve training centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices: if you have groups of three or more staff who need training, this is a very convenient, flexible and cost effective option. Moreover, most of our access courses are 1 day, which keeps "out of office" periods for attendees to a minimum.

We have been delivering Microsoft access training all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of training in Access to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in Training in Access from Activia.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help with providing your courses for Microsoft Access ?

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