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Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence (BI) - Reporting and Charting

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

Do you need to pull out relevant information from large data sets? This is what our Excel BI Reporting and Charting course is designed to help you with: to show you a range of techniques that will assist you to get at the information you are interested in, quickly. We start by looking at how to get data into Excel from a number of different sources, then explore the best ways to display and manipulate that data to give you a professional result.  We also use a range of advanced functions and sheet controls and explore a number of advanced chart types.

Who Should Attend

This intensive hands-on one-day course is aimed at existing users of Microsoft Excel who want to use the more advanced data manipulation and display features in order to produce professional and interactive reports and charts. Delegates should have a very good existing knowledge of Excel and ideally would have attended, or have knowledge of the concepts covered in the Excel Introduction and Intermediate courses.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 5 modules.
Module 1
Importing and Linking Data
Learning outcomes
Import, sort and filter data from a number of different sources into an Excel spreadsheet
Topics covered
  • Importing Data from a text file
  • Importing Data from an XML file
  • Linking to an External Data Source
  • Using Microsoft Query to Control Linked Data
  • Modify and Update Connections
  • Module 2
    Data Manipulation with Pivot Tables
    Learning outcomes
    Summarise information from large data sets. Group, filter and perform calculations on summarised data
    Topics covered
  • Creating Basic Pivot Tables
  • Grouping Pivot Data
  • Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
  • Filtering Pivot Data
  • Changing the Pivot Table Display Methods
  • Module 3
    Advanced Reporting Functions
    Learning outcomes
    Use a variety of advanced functions to interrogate and manipulate spreadsheet data
    Topics covered
  • Using the GetPivotData Function
  • Using the Index Function
  • Using the Match Function
  • Using Index and Match Together
  • Using the Choose Function
  • Using the Frequency Function
  • Module 4
    Automating Reports with Controls
    Learning outcomes
    Automate the appearance of charts and data using a variety of built in controls and macros
    Topics covered
  • Using Form Controls
  • Record and Run Simple Macros
  • Assign Macros to Form Controls
  • Module 5
    Advanced Charting Features
    Learning outcomes
    Explore advanced charting options and techniques to display complex data in a professional way
    Topics covered
  • Creating Combination Charts
  • Displaying a Secondary Axis
  • Modifying Axis Options
  • Display Data Trends
  • Charting an Acceptable Range
  • Charting Targets

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